at Cardinal Rule: Trivial Knowledge, September 6th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 07, 2017

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 W e are BACK at Cardinal Rule, after the Labor Day weekend, and after our debut on the big stage... returning to the Original Home of Trivia Club! Presented as has been the habit by Steam Whistle, it was a wild and wonderful crowd with the unexpected and the enjoyable! Legacy teams went head to head, newcomers entered the fray, and it was wonderfully competitive from start to finish!

Trivia Classic opened things up with a first round that saw three points divide four teams, and the fifth team in attendance add a third member AND change their name! Last Place Team (the Diet version, if you will, with half the team off circling the globe) were in first place, while a new team with a thumbs up to Coach Z, GREAT JEEEOOORB! were in second place just one point behind! One and a half points behind them were another new coming team, the largest group of the night at a full six, Karl Pilkington: Breast 2 Breast! Half a point behind Pilkington were Trivial Knowledge, on their 63rd appearance, while Let's Get Quizzical rounded out the field five points behind them!

Game Show Games began with a fun name change, as Let's Get Quizzical changed their name to an overheard answer from the first round, and became Chasing Squirrels! This team name, sung to the tune of "Jessie's Girl", helped establish a fast and friendly rivalry with Karl Pilkington, and also saw Chasing Squirrels grab eight points in Countdown Takedown! Last Place Team nabbed six points of their own, while GREAT JEEEEOOOORB! picked up the TOP TEN! Trivial Knowledge was in fact the closest team, but they did go over! Survey Says then saw the field run the board, with Trivial Knowledge bouncing back to grab the TOP TEN! Karl Pilkington grabbed eight points, while Chasing Squirrels nabbed six points! Finally in Combo Breakdown, Trivial Knowledge picked up FIFTEEN POINTS as the last team standing, helping them top the point totals in the second round! They held out in a real head to head with Last Place Team, who still finished with five points!

This meant that Trivial Knowledge had found themselves in first place after the second round, with Last Place Team in a close second place! Tri-Pardo then decided to roll with a small ball approach, as the heavier then it looks icosahedron gave a three point category rolled by Chasing Squirrels for the first question! GREAT JEEEOOOORRRB! rolled ten points for the second category, and Last Place Team rolled nine points for the third category! This kept the third round uncharacteristically tight, as Last Place Team made the biggest push forward with a SEVEN POINT gain, while Trivial Knowledge still picked up three points, to keep a three point lead on their friendly rivals! Picking up for points, keeping themselves in a strong third place before the last question were GREAT JEEEOOOORRB!, while Chasing Squirrels and Karl Pilkington; Breast 2 Breast, both lost points.

The Finale itself was chosen by Karl Pilkington; Breast 2 Breast, and it was a question that proved difficult for all in attendance! Most teams went pedal to the metal, save for GREAT JEEEEOOOORB! Their cagey wagering however was only good for second place, as ONE TEAM did get the Finale correct, and with that answer walked away with the Golden VHS...

Winning their THIRD GOLDEN VHS on the 230th edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, the 63rd appearance for them... TRIVIAL KNOWLEDGE! With just six appearances since their last victory, this is by far the quickest turn around for a Golden VHS win for Trivia Club's greatest underdogs, who won their first Golden VHS after 38 appearances, and then brought home Golden VHS #2 at CR#222, some 19 appearances later! No wonder they're getting jaded by all this success! Don't let the gold lose it's shine!

Last Place Team 19.5 6 4 5 7 (40) 1.5
Trivial Knowledge 16.5 0 10 15 3 (44.5) 89
Chasing Squirrels 11.5 8 6 1 -4 (22.5) 0
GREAT JEEEOOORB! 18.5 10 2 1 4 (10) 25.5
Karl Pilkington; Breast 2 Breast 17 0 8 0 -9 (20) -4
Congrats again to Trivial Knowledge, and thank you to everyone who came out to Cardinal Rule to continue to make this a September to Remember! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for another edition of Trivia Club at our Original Home of Cardinal Rule!
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