at Hitch: Like A Muffin Or A Beet, May 29th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 30, 2017

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 W e return to Hitch for another edition of our Limited Edition trivia night, a bi-weekly extravaganza of great folks and good times! It was a night of new things, and renewals, with the return of Tiny Tim's and friends as Pie Hard with a Vengeance (and it really was tasty pie, care of Wanda's Pie in the Sky!), the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, and AK-47 also making their fourth straight appearance! Matt & Pat also returned, but now officially as a wonderful Joanie Loves Chotchie-style spin-off from their prior Electric Bastards persona, known on the night as Like A Muffin Or A Beet! All these familiar faces, and some new comers too!

Trivia Classic started things off with a competitive field of eight teams getting to the points of the first round, with Pie Hard with a Vengeance, that wonderful mash-up of the Tim's and Girl Gon Get It, taking the early lead! Three and a half points behind though, hot on their heels, were Like A Muffin Or A Beet, the newly christened but immediately familiar duo of Electric Bastard alumni! A full TEN points behind the top two teams were the new bar team, taking the mantle from friends and rivals the Trusty Rumpets, the always funtertaining Wookiee of the Year! They held a one point advantage on two teams, the elder statesman of Trivia Club at Hitch, the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, and newcomers Hammer Time! Three points behind them were the Lt. Dancers making their latest appearance at Hitch after a year away, and on this night showing some hate for a very specific thing... yes, the Avocado Hate Group (how they can hate such buttery goodness, I'll never know), with newcomers You Weight Meat rounding out the field, which was capped off by the not early Late Cummers (who came during the 8th question, FYI)!

Game Show Games began with a new team entering the fray, our newest regulars at Hitch, AK-47! With early exits from the Avocado Hate Group and Hammer Time, this shrunk the middle of the standings and left the search for points all the more important! Countdown Takedown gave out the first TOP TEN to Pie Hard with a Vengence, who gamed the question correctly, giving Like A Muffin Or A Beet eight points, the Good Folks six points, You Weigh Meat four points, and Wookiee of the Year two points after they zigged when they could have zagged on the over/under! Survey Says gave Like A Muffin Or A Beet the second TOP TEN of round two, while You Weigh Meat picked up another eight points, and Pie Hard with a Vengeance also got on the board once again with four points! With a lead of just half a point, it would prove a very important Combo Breakdown for the newly christened duo of Like A Muffin Or A Beet, especially with Pie Hard with a Vengeance hot on their heels! It would come down to Like A Muffin Or A Beet, Pie Hard with a Vengeance, and the always game Wookiee of the Year as the final three teams standing in the Breakdown! Ultimately, holding out and taking FOURTEEN POINTS as the last team standing... Like A Muffin Or A Beet! Yes, they were quickly making a home for themselves on the south side of the bar!

Tri-Pardo told two tales, as the first question was worth twelve points, the second question was ALSO worth twelve points, and the third question was worth sixteen points! This meant that a solid forty points were up for grabs, though the second question proved sticky for some! Difficult enough that teams either scored sixteen points, or twenty-eight! That high mark went to regulars at Hitch, the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, Wookiee of the Year, and... brand-new returnees Like A Muffin Or A Beet! Yes, after a strong second and third round, the duo that had won at Hitch just last month as the Electric Bastards were looking to begin a new stage in their Trivia Club legacy under a new moniker!

Finale wagering was diverse, but ultimately it came down to if Like A Muffin Or A Beat could answer the Finale correctly and solidify their next step at Hitch! Three teams would answer the last question correct, in fact, and in third were newcomers You Weigh Meat with 99 points, while Wookiee of the Year finished twenty points ahead as runners-up on the night!

Wookiee of the Year 26.5 2 0 3 28 (59.5) 119
Pie Hard with a Vengeance 40 10 4 3 16 (70) 3
You Weigh Meat 20.5 4 8 1 16 (49.5) 99
Like A Muffin Or A Beet 36.5 8 10 14 28 (86.5) 183
Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes 25.5 6 0 2 28 (0) 61.5
Late Cummers 11.5 0 0 1 16 (28.5) 0
AK-47 -- 0 0 0 28 (18) 10

With 183 points, passing the Sesquicentenial Mark and winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS (though, to be honest Matt & Pat did both these things at Hitch during the Grand Prix in April, as the Electric Bastards... not to mention won many a Golden VHS as The Bastards, the Electric Bastards, and the Electric Mayhem)... LIKE A MUFFIN OR A BEET!

Congrats to Like A Muffin Or Beet! Thank you again to all those who came out and enjoyed another night of trivia goodness on our Home Away in Leslieville! We'll see you again at Hitch in TWO WEEKS on June 12th, 2017!
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