at Cardinal Rule: David Bowie's Corporate Whores, May 10th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 11, 2017

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 I t was a night for new faces at Cardinal Rule, while also renewing the chances of some familiar folks for a Golden VHS tape! Ultimately at the end of the night we looked forward to seeing just who would walk away with win at the Original Home of Trivia Club!

Though we ended the first round of Trivia Classic with an impressive eleven teams participating, it was seven teams that remained! In first, over the field, was Last Place Team. The returning Champs from the week before held a half point lead on Trivial Knowledge, Trivial Award winners for Hustle & Desire for good reason, while a point behind Trivial Knowledge were newcomers Ghost Mutt! One and a half behind the Mutts were Team Name, who themselves held a two point lead on the winners of the Grand Prix Finale from two weeks ago, David Bowie's Corporate Whores! A half point behind DB's CW were the returning Alex Tre-Bests, and rounding out the field were Free the Paedos!

Game Show Games looked to shake up the night of possibilities, with Ghost Mutt grabbing the TOP TEN in their first Countdown Takedown! Last Place Team grabbed eight points, while David Bowie's Corporate Whores, Free the Paedos!, and the Alex Tre-Bests also boosted some points! In Survey Says, Ghost Mutt turned right around and grabbed another TOP TEN, with fellow newcomers Free the Paedos! picking up another six points, while Trivial Knowledge got in the board in the second round with a two point answer! Combo Breakdown then saw Team Name first to fall, though with a point to their name for the second round, while the Alex Tre-Bests would eventually go head to head with David Bowie's Corporate Whores! And the Bowie's would be the last team standing for FOURTEEN POINTS!

Tri-Pardo then to two different jumps in the standings, with the first question being worth seventeen points, the second question being worth thirteen points, and the third question being worth another seventeen points. As Free the Paedos!, the Alex Tre-Bests, and Team Name all lost a varying degree of points and slid in the standings, Trivial Knowledge gained four points! Ghost Mutt, in first place after Game Show Games, stood pat after Tri-Pardo and slipped back in the standings behind David Bowie's Corporate Whores who gained twenty-one points and brought themselves to the second place spot, behind Last Place Team who grabbed thirty-four points after the third round!

With the lead, Last Place Team went into the Finale with their eye on the final question and wagered accordingly... only to get bitten. In fact all teams were felled by the last question, save for two. Ghost Mutt, who after two excellent rounds, took a misstep on the third and wagered low on the Finale, finishing the night with eighty points as runners-up... though not bad at all for a first night out at Cardinal Rule! The other team to nail down the Finale? Choosing the Finale and answering it correctly...

Now FOURTEEN-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS, impressively a better then .500 record over twenty-seven events, DAVID BOWIE'S CORPORATE WHORES!
Team Name 38.5 0 0 1 -13 (0) 26.5
Last Place Team 41.5 8 0 2 34 (80) 5.5
Alex Tre-Bests 36 2 0 3 -13 (28) 0
Trivial Knowledge 41 0 2 2 4 (1) 48
Ghost Mutt 40 10 10 2 0 (18) 80
Free the Paedos! 26 4 6 2 -30 (8) 0
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores 36.5 6 0 14 21 (77) 154.5
Congrats to DB's CW! Well done, indeed. Thank you to everyone who came out on Wednesday to Cardinal Rule, and thank you to our new sponsors at our Original Home, Steamwhistle! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for our next edition of Trivia Club!
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