at Cardinal Rule: David Bowie's Corporate Whores, April 26th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 28, 2017

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 W hen the Grand Championship is in play, the ending is never certain until the final question of the final night. This year more then ever… even after an entire April of trivia… it was all too close to call, until it was, well, called. The Cunning Stunts and The Electric Bastards had a seemingly incermountable lead on the field, while only 52 points lay between the two teams. To muddy the waters even further then I'm currently mixing metaphors, the night would feature nine able teams, including would be spoilers at the edge of our Grand Prix, the Unusual Suspects, as well as the reigning Grand Champions of Trivia Club, David Bowie's Corporate Whores!

Ultimately this is a recap on the night, but for the large view recap of the month of April and GCGP 2017 click on through right here!

The Electric Bastards got out of the gate with a big push in the right direction, and an early lead on the field at the end of Trivia Classic! By half a point, they held the lead on David Bowie's Corporate Whores! In third, five points back from the leaf were the Unusual Suspects! Just half a point behind the Suspects were not one but two teams, Petite Pierre's Parsimonious Pickle-Pushing Panther Punching Powder Puffs (who along with the Electric Bastards were making their sixth appearance of the month) and Team Name! Two points behind those teams were another two teams all tied up, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens and the Cunning Stunts! One point behind them, and in eighth place still just eight and a half points from the lead… Last Place Team! Rounding out the field was Trivial Knowledge, who interestingly just one and a half points less between themselves and Last Place Team, than Last Place Team had between themselves and the Electric Bastards!

Game Show Games brought no shortage of possible repositioning, as Game Show Games saw Petite Pierre's… take the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown! DB’s CW, the Unusual Suspects, the Electric Bastards, and Team Name would also nab some points, with the Cunning Stunts being nudged out of points contention by a single lake! The Electric Bastards would then get the Survey Says TOP TEN, as the Unusual Suspects, Trivial Knowledge, and Cunning Stunts would also grab additional points a question that would prove hard to crack up! Finally the Combo Breakdown would see the field whip back and forth across a couple of fueding quasi sisters! Ultimately it would come down to the Electric Bastards and David Bowie's Corporate Whores! In a, well, stunning turn of events, because of over manning the Stunts side on the night, some members from VHS winning Stunts teams had in fact made David Bowie's a little more cunning on the night… yes, a team up even more unprecedented then the Electric Bastards, though likely born from the fire of competition (and trivia goodness, between cool people, like any good team-up) the year before! David Bowie's Corporate Whores would outlast the Bastards Electric, and grab sixteen points as last team standing!

This put the Corporate Whores out in front, before Tri-Pardo, and on this night and overall, it would prove to be a big Tri-Pardo indeed. The first question was worth nineteen points, the second question seventeen points, and the third question fourteen points! This still left all three questions as being worth 19 points! The added trick? The first question actually proved to be two hidden questions, something unrevealed for two consecutive events before! Ultimately, the finish to the Golden VCR competition would prove seperate from the Golden VHS, as the Stunts and Bastards would both correct on the first and third question, but incorrect on the second, and get sixteen points in Tri-Pardo! Two teams would indeed for the triple however, as David Bowie's Corporate Whores as well as the Unusual Suspects would both grab fifty points in the third round!

This put DB's CW and the Un Suses in the poll position for the Finale, followed by the Electric Bastards and Cunning Stunts, with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens and Last Place Team tied in fifth place just a point behind the Stunts! It proved a tough yet resilient Finale question, as several teams were stumped... but others were left standing at the end of the night. The runners-up who set a new personal best high score with 182 points, the Unusual Suspects... they in fact could not catch last years Grand Champions who won their first Golden VHS since February...

With what is now the third highest score in the history of Cardinal Rule's Trivia Club, a half a point behind the previous third place score, and winners of their THIRTEENTH GOLDEN VHS... DAVID BOWIE'S CORPORATE WHORES!
Cunning Stunts 25.5 0 2 1 16 (44.5) 89
Electric Bastards 33 4 10 6 16 (69) 138
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 25.5 0 0 2 16 (0.5) 44
Last Place Team 24.5 0 0 3 16 (42) 1.5
Petite Pierre’s… 27.5 10 0 2 -22 (17.5) 35
Unusual Suspects 28 6 8 3 50 (87) 182
Team Name 27.5 2 0 1 -36 (20) 14.5
Trivial Knowledge 17.5 0 6 0 -3 (1) 19.5
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores 32.5 8 0 16 50 (106) 212.5
Congrats to David Bowie's Corporate Whores, closing out another Grand Prix in memorable fashion, but that was very much the tip of the iceberg on the night! Of course, thank you to all the excellent participants who came out on the night. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the GCGP 2017! Follow this link for a full recap of the Grand Prix itself, including the drama of the final night, and speaking of which congrats to the Grand Champions for 2017 the Cunning Stunts!

We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY as we continue into our SIXTH YEAR of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule! Yes, it's that same Trivia Club, at that same time, in that same place! Remember it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way... and as the Electric Bastards say, the friendships you make along the way!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Every FRIDAY, a new episode of Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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