at Cardinal Rule: The Unusual Suspects, March 1st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 01, 2017

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 O n a Wednesday return to begin March at Cardinal Rule, we saw one team for the first time in ten weeks, and another for the first time since the Trivial Awards! Other team hadn't returned since the start of February, while another hadn't played at Cardinal Rule since June of 2015! And of course, making Trivia Club what it is there were those teams making their fourth appearance in seven weeks, and their seventh appearance this year! Collectively, familiar faces competed at our Original Home, but the paths that brought them out on the first to win their first, second, fifty-third Golden VHS, were all different!

Trivia Classic came to a close, with the house full on Wednesday night, with the Electric Mayhem holding the lead on the field! With a collection of team members not seen since the Trivial Awards helped close out 2017 it was a pleasure to see the Mayhem's return to the home they helped build, while just five points behind where a family rival of sorts and a Trivial Award winner as well in the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! A point behind in third were the returning Unusual Suspects! Making just their seventh appearance since last April, the Suspects were in an Oscars fueled mood to compete! And they would get competition too, in part from the team just a half a point behind them after the first round, Last Place Team who were still looking for their first win in 2017... though not with a good luck charm in the Suspects who they had defeated twice before in 2016! The Cunning Stunts, enjoying a VERY productive 2017 already after a Socratic Shield winning 2016, were in fifth while the Wesley Crush-ers our Wychwood Pub alumni made their return and with feeling! Brad - the Boss' Son, the newest take on Karen from Finance, were a point and a half behind in seventh, while Trivial Knowledge and Lt. Dance's Putin on the Ritz rounded out the field of the first round!

Game Show Games added to the festivities, with the Electric Mayhem getting the TOP TEN of Countdown Takedown by going plus one to the plus one of the plus one of the plus one to the original number of the Wesley Crush-ers who still grabbed two points of their own! The Crush-ers would then grab the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while Trivial Knowledge took eight points, M. Night Shaym-Aliens took a last on the board six points, the Unusual Suspects won four points, and Brad - the Boss' Son won two points! The Electric Mayhem would hold out long enough to get a second question, after the Shaym-Aliens got six points and in an M. Night twist... the Mayhem picked up six points as well! Finally in C-C-Combo Breakdown it was a back and forth and round and round battle, which field settle to a battle between the Wesley Crush-ers, the Electric Mayhem, and the Unusual Suspects... with the Suspects holding out against the field for SIXTEEN POINTS as the Last Team Standing!

Tri-Pardo then saw the three questions total up to 29 points all together, with the first being worth three points, the second question gaining eleven points, and the third in the trinity being worth fifteen big points! As an especially difficult trio of questions, no team got all three questions correct... though in getting the second and third question, and even while losing points on the first, the Unusual Suspects gained enough points to pass the Electric Mayhem for the top spot, even though the Mayhem were also able to get first and second questions correct! Yes, question number three... an Oscar question worth fifteen points, that no other team was able to answer correctly (and which some teams answered incorrectly to lose a point) was the biggest factor of the night up until that point!

And speaking of points, it was time to wager them by the large margin (oooor not), in the Finale! With most all teams going all or mostly all-in, the Shaym-Aliens stood pat and hoped for the question to land in their favor and take down the field... but this was a question that played to the field's advantage tonight, and though the Electric Mayhem had held the lead for most of the night, even they weren't able to catch up to the late surge of the Champion's on the night who won by twelve points...
Cunning Stunts 22 4 0 1 8 (35) 70
Trivial Knowledge 13 0 8 1 0 (22) 44
Wesley Crush-ers 19.5 2 10 5 14 (50) 0.5
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 26 8 6 4 -1 (0) 43
Last Place Team 24.5 0 0 2 -4 (21.5) 44
Unusual Suspects 25 6 4 16 23 (70) 144
Brad – the Boss’ Son 18 0 2 0 -14 (20) -14
Electric Mayhem 31 10 6 5 14 (66) 132
Becoming SEVENTEEN-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS at Cardinal Rule, THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS! The Suspects break the tie with PETE! and now tie the M. Night Shaym-Aliens as the six winningest team in the history of Trivia Club! This also gives the team their first VHS since mid-October of 2016!

Congrats to the Unusual Suspects, once more! Thank you as well to everyone who came out to compete and join in at Cardinal Rule! You're all amazing fun, and we look forward to having you back next Wednesday at Our Original Home!
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