at Cardinal Rule: Diet Last Place Team, March 15th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 16, 2017

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 205  was LIVE at Cardinal Rule this past Wednesday, and just when you thought one long competitive, but unsung, team was about to make waves the night of trivia proved something else all together!

Trivia Classic came to an end, and the Unusual Suspects were just two weeks off of their latest Golden VHS Championship and were back in first place! Just two and a half points off of the pace were there long time rivals turned friendly rivals, Team Name! Trivial Knowledge were in third, just a point off the Team with the Name. Tied for fourth were the Occasional Almost Champions and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, with the Aliens making there 99th appearance on the night! With four other teams leaving before the second round, it ended up being Diet Last Place Team (with the same great taste, but fewer recognisable team members) rounding out the remaining field.

Game Show Games began with a Countdown Takedown TOP TEN for Trivial Knowledge, who were joined in pointage by the Occasional Champions, the M Night Shaym-Aliens, the Unusual Suspects, and Diet Last Place Team! Trivial Knowledge then grabbed a second TOP TEN in our Survey Says game! This Survey proved all the more difficult to stretch out, with the Shaym-Aliens and Kinda Champions again grabbing points, while Team Name also got on the board in round two! Finally, it was a wildly unpredictable C-C-Combo Breakdown, with Team Name standing as the last team of our last Game, with SEVENTEEN POINTS to call there own, and a rush towards the top tier of the night! Also in the top three, heading into round three were the M Night Shaym-Aliens, who finished second in the Breakdown, and Trivial Knowledge, the Trivia Club underdog if there ever was one, still in first on the night.

Tri-Pardo then, would be a big test for the crowd at the Original Home of Trivia Club! With a first question worth 12 points, the second question being worth 16 points, and the third worth another 12 points, it was a traditional 40 point third round in a very nontraditional shape! The Unusual Suspects lost four points in an uncharacteristically tough third frame for the father-son team. Gaining 28 points a piece however, were the Occasional Champions, who were able to move into second place before the Finale question… while Trivial Knowledge cemented their lead and moved within distance of their second Golden VHS and first Sesquicentennial Mark!

The Finale is nothing if not unpredictable however, testing not just knowledge but also gamesmanship and of course… luck! As luck would have it, an all-time night was not in the cards for Trivial Knowledge, who finished tied with Team Name and the Occasional Champions in fourth, a point behind the Unusual Suspects! So, the teams the kept the most, on a evening​ ending Finale question? The M. Night Shaym-Aliens finished as runners-up with five points… and just a point ahead were…

DIET LAST PLACE TEAM with their SEVENTH GOLDEN VHS win, the first of 2017, and on the team’s 50th appearance, the first appearance for two thirds of the team that was also missing the usual two thirds! But hey, Wilco Schmilco.
Occasional Champions 27 8 4 1 28 (68) 0
Unusual Suspects 34 2 0 3 -4 (34) 1
Trivial Knowledge 30.5 10 10 4 28 (82.5) 0
Diet Last Place Team 22 4 0 0 12 (32) 6
Team Name 31.5 0 2 17 16 (66.5) 0
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 27 6 8 7 16 (59) 5

Congrats to Last Place Team, with great taste indeed! Thank you as well to the wonderful teams that came out to have fun and compete at Cardinal Rule on Wednesday. We'll see you all again next Wednesday for another edition of Trivia Club!

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