at Hitch: Wookiee of the Year, January 9th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 10, 2017

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 A fter three weeks away, we are BACK at it again! At Hitch too, our home away from our Original Home, which saw a mix of returning teams, returning one-time participants brining new crews, and of course all new players in the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! Since we only take that kind of time off, but once a year, it was a refreshing return to the best bar in Leslieville!

After the first Trivia Classic of 2017, it was Wookiee of the Year in the lead! In second place were a team that last played (and won!) in October of 2014, they were then known as Ed Norton's Erection in honor of the newly released Birdman, and tonight they were even more subversive as Hidden Fences! A single point behind them were Albert Arthur in third! Tied for fourth were Just Tarts, and the returning VHS Champ who once ran a camp, the Phenomenal Folks from Laramie Cigarettes! Sidebar Sidebar were in sixth, while The Oricle rounded out the competitive field, in seventh!

Game Show Games, beginning with Countdown Takedown, saw Albert Arthur grab the initial TOP TEN! Laramie Cigarettes and Hidden Fences were blanked in our first Game, however. Then in Survey Says it was the wonderful trio of Just Tarts who grabbed the TOP TEN! Sidebar Sidebar picked up eight points, while The Oricle grabbed four points, and Hidden Fences found two points! Then a wildly back and forth C-C-Combo Breakdown saw The Oricle and the Phenomenal Folks drop out without points, while Sidebar Sidebar grabbed a single point. Albert Arthur picked up an extra two points, while Just Tarts lasted quite a while to the tune of five additional points! Ultimately it was a back and forth between Hidden Fences and the Wookiee of the Year! And the last team standing? Wookiee of the Year, for EIGHTEEN POINTS!

Though their closest competition was not out of reach quite yet, this put Wookiee of the Year in the drivers seat and the field left to chase them into Tri-Pardo! Luckily for the field, it was a tough Tri-Pardo that blanked the returning Wookiee of the Year! Albert Arthur were also blanked, grabbing zero points in the third frame of the night. Hidden Fences and Just Tarts continued their Combo momentum, with an extra ten points, while Laramie Cigarettes guessed correctly, to the tune of an extra twenty points! So, it was time for the Finale, with Laramie, Albert Arthur, Just Tarts, and Hidden Fences, neck and neck and neck and neck, with Wookiee of the Year now fewer steps ahead! And once the wagers and answers were in and settled...

WOOKIEE OF THE YEAR would not be caught on the night, netting the team their FOURTH GOLDEN VHS! Congrats to them, on a wonderful return, and thank you of course to everyone for a grand night to return to trivia in Toronto as well! Trivia Club isn't possible without the participants! If you missed the questions from this week's Trivia Club, or were there and want to share those questions with your friends, keep an eye out on the Trivia Club Network on SoundCloud or iTunes, for Trivia Club's Pause + Play podcast on THURSDAY!
Hidden Fences 25.5 0 2 7 10 (14.5) 30
Just Tarts 20.5 2 10 5 10 (15) 32.5
Albert Arthur 24.5 10 0 2 0 (36.5) 73
Wookiee of the Year 37 8 0 18 0 (63) 126
Sidebar Sidebar 15 6 8 1 -45 (0) -15
The Oricle 3 4 4 0 -35 (24) -48
Phenomenal Folks at Laramie Cigarettes 20.5 0 0 0 20 (1.5) 39
We'll see you all again at Hitch on January 23rd! Until then, remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Starting THURSDAY January 12th, Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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