at Cardinal Rule: Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them, November 9th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 11, 2016

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 H ungover from the day before, they came to compete at Cardinal Rule! Because, as I've said before, even though Trivia Club is a competition we also strive to be community of shared knowledge, and overlapping interests, while generally being a safe space! For enjoyment, friendly rivalries, and when all else fails... a safe and appropriate amount of number of Amsterdam beers! We were once again also sponsored by the movie The Edge of Seventeen! And we were surrounded by a cadre of returning teams and returning Champions!

It was a night of returns, because you CAN come back home, and with the Last Place Team taking their first week off in twenty-three weeks (they've got a band, folks, they've got things to do!) we needed to see those familiar faces! The Electric Mayhem returned for their first time in 10 weeks, a night in which they were victorious, and speaking of returning champions, four and a half points behind the Mayhem were the Returning Champions, who were themselves returning after three weeks away from their last appearance... also a victory! Two and a half points behind the Champions were another group of returning champions, Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them, also known to Trivia Club competitors as Lt. Dance! They had last competed, and won, at Cardinal Rule on July 29th, 2015! Team Name were in fourth, also after a few weeks ago to recover from the weather, while Trivial Knowledge were in fifth after an additional week away due to touring! Wrapping up the field were newcomers Team Frog Legs, and after seventeen weeks away... making their second appearance, with a memorable name, Russel Hardest! I still barely know them, but I like their style!

Welcome back everyone!

Countdown Takedown, as it does, began our Game Show Game round! Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them grabbed the TOP TEN in our first game, while Trivial Knowledge used their early wager wisely and locked in eight points, while all other teams went over! Survey Says then saw the board cleared with the last possible guess, but not before Team Frog Legs grabbed the TOP TEN! Electric Mayhem grabbed eight points, while Trivial Knowledge once again got on the board, followed by Fantastic Beats, and Russel Hardest in that order! C-C-Combo Breakdown then rolled in, and proved quite tricky indeed, as team fell away... including Team Name who once again came out of round two sans points (they're greatest rival may very well be Game Show Games, followed closely by the Unusual Suspects)! Returning Champions and Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them both were eliminated with one point to their team, meaning the Electric Mayhem finished the Breakdown as last team standing with EIGHT POINTS!

Tri-Pardo then leveled the field before the Finale, as the Returning Champions gained fifteen points, and Team Frog Legs gained twenty-five! Russel Hardest lost forty-five points, rusty from the seventeen weeks away, and fell into the heavy negative side! Electric Mayhem picked up twenty-five points, Team Name picked up forty-five points that they needed, but Trivial Knowledge and Fantastic Beats each picked up thirty-five points! This moved the team otherwise known as Lt. Dance into first place before the Finale, two points ahead of the Electric Mayhem, while Trivial Knowledge flipped to third! Still, their was only nine points between the fourth place Team Name and the first place spot!

And so the Finale! Wagering was one of two things on this night, everything or nothing! And when the results settled, it was Trivial Knowledge with the runner-up on their thirty-sixth appearance at our Original Home presented by Toronto's Original Brewery! The winners on the night?

On only their second appearance at Cardinal Rule, with their second victory their as well, winning their FOURTEENTH GOLDEN VHS are FANTASTIC BEATS AND WHERE 2 DROP THEM! Yes, as I noted, this was only their second appearance at our west-end location, but also their second Golden VHS! Interestingly enough they had also gone two for two at their first two appearances at Lou Dawgs BBQ, as well! Of course, their first two wins were on consecutive appearances, while at Cardinal Rule... their last appearance and first win was 65 events ago, on July 29th, 2015 as The Best Friends Gang!
Fantastic Beats and
Where 2 Drop Them
24 10 4 1 35 (74) 148
Russel Hardest 14.5 0 2 0 -45 (0) -28.5
Team Name 20 0 0 0 45 (65) 0
Electric Mayhem 31 0 8 8 25 (70) 2
Trivial Knowledge 18.5 8 6 0 35 (0.5) 67
Returning Champions 26.5 0 0 1 15 (42.5) 0
Team Frog Legs 18.5 0 10 0 25 (53.5) 0

Congrats to Lt. Dance, as Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them, and thank you as well to all the wonderful teams who came out to compete at Cardinal Rule this past Wednesday! It was so wonderful to see all your familiar faces once again! We'll see you again NEXT WEDNESDAY, when we'll be joined by our new sponsors, The Candy Bar! Remember it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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