TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: #100 to #76

March 03, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, the TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100 has arrived! So let's dive right in, and start with the final twenty-five of the TCC 100:

100. Karl Pilkington
Points: 160
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 21st (Patrick & Leah)
PATRICK: Karl Pilkington isn't a comedian in the traditional sense. His funniest bits aren't the scripted and rehearsed lines of a seasoned comedian, but the disgruntled and flighty musings of a man who always seems to be at odds with the world. His recent stint on BBC's Derek was technically speaking his first official comedic role. While 2014 didn't showcase Pilkington's talents are much as previous years, he was on the scene, so he makes our list.

99. Michael Swaim
Points: 161
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 6th (Patrick)
Chance upon and you'll be treated to a treasure trove of poignant and hilarious pop culture commentary, a good portion of which features Michael Swaim. The California-based internet comedian lends his talents to a number of web series, the most notable of which is the deliciously self indulgent and Webby Award winning After Hours.

98. Tatiana Maslany
Points: 162
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 14th (Rob)
ROB: What is the greater comic creation: Allison Hendrix or Helena? Scientists say we’ll never know.

96. Matt Gourley
Points: 163
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 10th (Rob)
BRIAN: Matt Gourley appeared on my radar when he brought his HR Giger character to "Comedy Bang Bang" for the "Exorcism of Cake Boss" (possibly my favourite single podcast episode of the past year) . Often dark and bizarre, his amazing character improv work was also featured in the "Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project" and "The Dead Authors Podcast".

His "Superego" podcast (which he also painstakingly edits) also features some of the best character based improv happening in comedy. Matt also hosts 2 other podcasts of his own:  "James Bonding" where his life-long devotion of James Bond gets to be explored with co-host Matt Mira and "I Were There Too" where he talks with actors who played small roles in iconic movies.

See HR Giger at home with his son on "Superego":

96. Jerry Seinfeld
Points: 163
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 7th (Kevin)
As shown by his documentary simply titled “Comedian”, even after making an infinite amount of money thanks to his sitcom this is one stand-up that won’t stop working. Won’t stop thinking. Won’t stop having fun. As evidenced by Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, an interview series of people you will see on this very list, or people that could have very well been on the Comedy 100 had our tastes been different, Seinfeld is at his best when he's keeping busy making a whole lot of... nothing.
RUSSEL: Can we talk about his appearance in Top Five? I won't count it as a spoiler anymore, I'll count it as a reason to see a pretty excellent movie if you have't already!

95. Chris Rock
Points: 164
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 18th (Leah)
LEAH: I will never forget watching MTV Video Diary as a teenager and seeing Chris Rock proclaim, “ Sometimes, I just like to steal shit.” and run out of a record store with a bunch of cd’s.  To this day, few things have made me laugh quite so hard.  His perspective on life and the world is always fresh and something of an enlightening take on things.  Rock is someone that has evolved so much throughout his career, and doesn’t disappoint. The last few years turning out, maybe, some of his most interesting work yet.  With his turn in “Two Days in New York” and his brief but fun appearances on “Park Bench with Steve Buscemi”  to the recently released “Top Five”, Chris Rock is someone I will look forward to seeing what they choose to tackle next and how they are going to do it.

94. Chelsea Handler
Points: 167
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 7th (Laura)

93. Will Forte
Points: 171
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 12th (Megan)
RUSSEL: Ladies and gentlemen, Independent Spirit Award nominee… WILL FORTE!

92. Chris Wilson
Points: 173
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 11th (Brian)
BRIAN: One of half of the sketch team "Peter n' Chris" I've seen him do a few shows with his comedy partner Peter Carlone and I was instantly blown away. So much so that I saw one show for a second time at JFL 42 just because I loved it so much. I also got to play with them when they asked for an audience member's help during one show. It was bad luck that my help only served to get their characters killed no matter what I said. I first saw Chris as part of the "Get Some" live shows in Toronto which features sketch performers from various groups, working together to work on new material each week. Chris was a stand-out favourite from that first show and I have happily followed him to his other work, including Peter n' Chris' in development webseries "Hardly Men".

Boy Detectives grow up in the "Hardly Men" trailer

91. Grace Helbig
Points: 177
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 11th (Hannah)
KRISSY: Do you know about this really cool video website on the internet called YouTube?  (Find it at Once you've watched all of the adorable puppy and sloth videos over there, you should search out Grace Helbig.  She's been posting vlogs (yeah, that word makes me uncomfortable too) for years now and Wikipedia tells me her channel has changed names from Daily Grace to It's Grace in a long-winded explanation that I didn't feel like reading.  All I care about is the funny and if you like funny too, here's a sample of some of her more recent stuff.  I especially enjoy her tutorials.

90. Pete Davidson
Points: 180
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 20th (Johnny)
JOHNNY: During the preseason SNL casting some unknown 21 year old kid from New York, was surprising to say the least. What was more surprising, however, was how funny he turned out to be. His set on Kimmel was amazing, and while SNL is still figuring out what to do with him, his few moments on the show always stand out (perhaps most so when playing himself). Seriously one to watch!

89. Larry David
Points: 183
Ballots: 2
Highest Vote: 9th (Saad)

87. Max Greenfield
Points: 188
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 30th (Megan)

87. Matt Stone
Points: 188
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 33rd (Patrick & Saad)
If he could've been reached for interview by phone, we're sure funny man Matt Stone would've claimed to have no qualms about being ranked behind his South Park co-creator. We like to think that Stone would be honoured to even appear on this prestigious list.

86. Adam Driver
Points: 190
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 20th (Russel)
RUSSEL: Adam Driver, gif'ered with two other members of the TCC100:

And my controversial opinion? He had a funnier year then the both of 'em!

85. Ike Barinholtz
Points: 192
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 21st (Krissy)
KRISSY: Ike Barinholtz plays nurse Morgan Tookers on The Mindy Project.  If you guessed that with a name like Morgan Tookers, this guy plays a total goofball, you'd be 100% correct.  Full disclosure, I don't have a functioning TV and downloading content illegally on the internet causes me great anxiety, so I haven't actually watched any episodes from season 3 of The Mindy Project yet.  But I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's just as funny as he was in seasons 1 and 2.  Wow, I think I just totally b.s'd my way through this review! Nailed it!

84. Will Arnett
Points: 193
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 7th (Sam)
SAM: Screw his random appearance in the Ninja Turtles movie or his hacky sitcom We're The Millers. Arnett's year is dominated in my mind by three words: "Darkness! No parents!" Best. Movie Batman. Ever.
RUSSEL: Simply: BoJack Horseman. And also, let me remind you that The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is returning for a third series in 2015!

83. Dave Chappelle
Points: 194
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 1st (Saad)
RUSSEL: Chappelle is doing comedy again, of course he’s on this list! The minute Dave left the ranch and got back on the road, he was destined for the TCC 100. As much as we want to count “year of” accolades for 2014, the best comedy doesn’t age. The Chappelle Show is 10 years old, and Dave is finally ready to be funny again. It makes me feel something very specific, but I'll let Dave let Kanye West say it.

82. Bill Murray
Points: 197
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 7th (Leah)
RUSSEL: Between Chappelle and Seinfeld, and Rock and Murray, the bottom 25 of the TCC 100 is the “Legends” zone, but if the (out of voting contention) SNL40 proves anything, Murray is as funny as anyone alive if he wants to be! I mean, come on, I know it’s a meme… but it’s BILL F’N MURRAY!

81. Chris Gethard
Points: 198
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 13th (Brian)
ROB: I rated him highly based only on his opening act for Mike Birbiglia at JFL42 - an act that rivaled the headliner. This is without experiencing his acclaimed New York cable access show, live improv appearances, and many podcast guest spots. He’s just great, and it sucks he’s seemingly had every potential big break pulled away just as it’s been dangled before him.

80. Nikki Glaser
Points: 199
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 5th (Laura)

79. Kristen Schaal
Points: 200
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 8th (Sam)
SAM: Schaal's work on the Daily Show has been solid this year, but her work as Louise on Bob's Burgers is really what puts her near the top of this list. Every parent's worst nightmare, and every kids dream of what their childhood could be, Louise is a loud, brash anarchic brat. Schaal's voicework manages to keep Louise grounded as a lovable rascal rather than a plain old meanie though, wise beyond her years, and plays off of the other cast members beautifully.

78. Lamorne Morris
Points: 201
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 30th (Saad)
76. Gillian Jacobs
Points: 206
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 27th (Laura)

76. Jim Rash
Points: 206
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 40th (Megan)

And just like THAT the Comedy 100 has begun, celebrating and spotlighting so much funny! SO MUCH FUNNY! We'll return with #50 through to #26!

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