TOP TWENTY Scoreboard for the Year 2014

January 01, 2015

  • Those 206 points from the Cunning Stunts ft. PETE is only the second time that a team has broken the 200-point plateau in the history of Trivia Club, and the only time with our "Expansion Era" format. The other occurrence needed the full weight of our "Chip Era" style of play behind it. 
  • Electric Mayhem appear six times in the Top 20, with seventh being their highest score. 
  • PETE and The Bastards appear four times on the list, including appearances when they're both separate and together. Pete was also a part of the Asquith A's
  • The highest score of the year, the 206 points from the Cunning Stunts ft. PETE was Cardinal Rule's high mark. Lou Dawg's highest score of 2014 belonged to The Bastards ft. PETE. In an unprecedented moment, Hitch's highest score of the year the 150 at the second week of the Christopher Hitchen's Cup also belonged to PETE. Meaning PETE shares in each of the highest scores of Trivia Club's three locations! 
  • "The I Didn't Do It" Dancers with 116 points at Handlebar not only got the highest score at our Kensington location, at our final event of 2014, but also at our final event at Handlebar.
  • The Sexy Dumpster Teens appear twice on the Year-End Scoreboard, helping explain just how they won that Golden VCR in April of 2013! 
  • No other team appears more then once, and no the Cupid Stunts are not a part of the Cunning Stunts
  • Eleven high scores come from Trivia Club's at Cardinal Rule, seven high scores happened at Lou Dawg's, and two took place at Hitch
  • The busiest month for high scores in the Year-End list? The final month of the year, December! 
  • Chaka Chaka Khan's 127 points from June 23rd Trivia Club at Hitch is the closest score not to make the year-end Scoreboard, and deserves an honorable mention.


Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY, at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every SECOND and FOURTH MONDAY of the month, and Lou Dawg's (76 Gerrard St E) on every other TUESDAY!

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