Century Teams

April 02, 2012

Century Teams are teams that have made at least one hundred appearances at a Trivia Club event. That means that the following teams have been exceptionally reliable competitors at Trivia Club locations, while also being some the game show's biggest ambassadors. Trivia Club is lucky to have had these competitors, and hey sometimes what you need to win, is what you learned along the way! It has been a pleasure to have these Century Teams as part of Trivia Club across Toronto! Individuals who have likely made 100 appearances with a number of different teams are Annika C. (as Peter M.), Arnis, and Matthew S. Locations are noted by colour and initials, either Cardinal Rule (CR), Hitch (Hi), Lou Dawgs (LD), Handlebar (HB) The Rec Room (RR), Farside (FS), and The Ace (tA). As of March 10th, 2020, the next closest teams to this achievement are The Electric Mayhem (93), the Fighting Mongooses (87), and The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes (83).
Team FIRST 100 Time to Reach Location
Cunning Stunts
August 15th, 2012 
(at CR#005)
November 24th, 2015 
(at LD#078)
3 years, 101 days
62 (CR), 34 (LD),
2 (Hi), 1 (GS), 1 (HB)
Team Name
July 24th, 2013 
(at CR#023)
January 6th, 2016 
(at CR#145)
2 years, 166 days
96 (CR), 3 (Hi), 1 (LD)
M. Night Shaym-Aliens
May 13th, 2014 
(at LD#007)
March 22nd, 2017 
(at CR#206)
2 years, 314 days
59 (CR), 24 (LD),
14 (Hi), 3 (HB)
The Bastards
March 11th, 2014 
(at LD#001)
September 5th, 2017 
(at RR#001)
3 years, 179 days
88 (LD), 9 (CR),
2 (Hi), 1 (RR)
Lt. Dance
December 16th, 2014 
(at LD#033)
April 23rd, 2018 
(at Hi#122)
3 years, 129 days
73 (LD), 18 (CR),
8 (Hi), 1 (RR)
Last Place Team /
2 Fast 2 Curious
January 6th, 2016 
(at CR#145)
January 16th, 2019 
(at FS#024)
3 years, 10 days
90 (CR), 8 (tA),
1 (RR), 1 (FS)

  • The Cunning Stunts made their 100th appearance at the 300th edition of Trivia Club overall. They have also appeared at the most locations, with Wychwood Pub being the sole location that they have not appeared at. 
  • Team Name scored 100 points on their 100th appearance. They are also the team to have made the highest percentage of their first 100 appearances at a single location, Cardinal Rule, and the only team to have made their first and 100th appearance at the same location, naturally Cardinal Rule. 
  • The M. Night Shaym-Aliens are the only team so far to make multiple appearances at each of the locations that led to their 100th appearance. They are also the first team to reach 100 appearances, to have won a Golden VHS on their 1st appearance. 
  • The Unusual Suspects won the Golden VHS on the night of the 100th appearance for both Team Name, and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens.
  • The Bastards are the first team to win a Golden VHS on their 100th appearance. They are also the only team to make their first appearance AND 100th appearance at a location debut event!
  • Lt. Dance were the only team to make their 100th appearance at Hitch, and they are also the first time to reach 100 appearances, to have won a Golden VHS in their first two appearances.
  • Last Place Team made twenty appearances before their first Golden VHS victory, but would go on to win their twentieth Golden VHS by their 100th appearance, as 2 Fast 2 Curious. They became the second team to win a Golden VHS on their 100th appearance. 2 Fast 2 Curious is also the first Century Team to have not made at least one appearance at Hitch in their first 100 appearances.

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