at Hitch: Fighting Monghouls, October 28th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 30, 2019

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It was our post-Hitchens Cup return to Hitch after more then a month away, taking a Thanksgiving break in early October, we returned for our annual Halloween spectacular this past Monday! Oooo, spooky!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with the Fighting Monghouls, the newly appointed Hitchens Cup winners for 2019, with a scary good seven and a half point lead on the Ghoul Folks from SCARY-ME Cigarettes who were themselves tied with the team on both sides of the bar, Wooookieek of the Fear! In fourth place were the returning Stable Geniuses, followed by Dave's Team!

 Game Show Games  then saw Wooookieek of the FEAR grab the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while the Monghouls grabbed eight points and SCARY-ME nabbed six points! Then in Survey Says, the Ghoul Folks added more momentum with a TOP TEN while Stable Geniuses added a other eight points, and Fighting Monghouls added two quality points! With the Fighting Monghouls still in the lead, it was now a tight knit fight against SCARY-ME Cigarettes!

Then in  Tri-Pardo  we saw the Fighting Monghouls roll for thirteen points, while Wooookieek of the FEAR rolled for eight points and Dave's Team rolled for eleven! This meant that thirty-two points were up for grabs across our round three questions! Hitting for the triple and gaining all possible points were Wooookieek and the Monghouls, keeping the Fighting Hitchens Cup champs in the lead, and bring Wooookieek ahead of the Ghoul Folks from SCARY-ME Cigarettes who had still been able to gain nineteen points from the second and third questions to keep close  by!

Ultimately it would down to the spooky  Trivia Finale ! Though he would go all in, finishing in third with 137 points were the Ghoul Folks from SCARY-ME Cigarettes! Runners-up on the night, also going all in were Wooookieek of the FEAR!

Winning the night, and becoming the seventh team to join the FIVE x FIVE Timers Club with their TWENTY-FIFTH GOLDEN VHS, and twenty-second win at Hitch to bring them two wins of the all-time mark set by the Trusty Rumpets... the FIGHTING MONGHOULS! This is also the Fighting Mongooses second consecutive Halloween win at Hitch and their second win in five days!

Congrats to the Mongooses, the Fighting Monghouls, once more and thank you to everyone who came out to Hitch to have some Halloween fun! Congrats to Travis and Jenn Fudge as well for winning our costume prize!We will return on November 11th for the next edition of Trivia Club at our Black Label location of Hitch, our longest-running location!
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