at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Does Not Play Well With Others, June 11th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 12, 2019

Trivia Club returned to The Rec Room Roundhouse for our eighty-second event this past Tuesday, as we not only saw returning teams competing at the flagship location of The Rec Room but also all new competitors as well! Who would go home with the Golden VHS, and as it turns out some helium filled Championship trophies as well (thanks TD)?! We would have to see!

 Trivia Classic  ended with Cookiefaced once again with a strong first round finish and some sweet prizes as a result! Dead on the Inside, solo and this week going by the name of Does Not Play Well With Others were in second place and also grabbing some tasty prizes! In third were the returning winningest-team at The Rec Room, The Questionables, while Niusha and R&D rounded out the field!

Round two then saw Niusha choose the first  Tri-Pardo  category and roll it for six points, while Cookiefaced followed that up with a nine point second category and The Questionables rounding things out with an eleven point third category! This meant that a sizable on the night but a lower-end historically twenty-six points were on the line in Tri-Pardo! Still, getting an additional fifteen points from the first and second questions was Does Not Play Well With Others, who jumped into first place when Cookiefaced was unable to get more then six points from the first question! Also adding six points were The Questionables! Jumping into second overall however, before the Finale, were newcomers R & D who gained twenty points from the second and third questions!

Then in the  Trivia Finale , the only team who felt comfortable to leave any points on the table was Does Not Play Well With Others, who just in case left two points behind… but ultimately everyone went all in if not more! Finishing as runners-up on the night were the unheralded R & D, with forty-eight points while with fifty-two points and the newest members of the Five Timers Club thanks to their FIFTH GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP… DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS! The team known as Dead on the Inside are now repeat Champs at The Roundhouse!

Congrats to Dead on the Inside, who joined the Five Timers Club in just one week more then it took the Trusty Rumpets, and two weeks longer then it took the Unusual Suspects, becoming the third team at The Rec Room as well, to do so! Thank you to everyone who came out to compete at The Rec Room Roundhouse! We will see you NEXT TUESDAY along with Trivia Club also found in Mississauga, London, Edmonton South Commons, and the West Edmonton Mall!
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