at Hitch: Fighting Mongooses, June 24th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 25, 2019

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At Hitch this past Monday we returned for the one-hundred and forty-ninth edition of Trivia Club at our longest-running current location in Toronto! We were joined by not only Quincy Margo for a second time but also the Fighting Mongooses for the fifty-second time at Hitch, and sixty-ninth (nice) appearance overall!

After leading in  Trivia Classic , the Fighting Mongooses edged open their lead even further with each  Game Show Game , before finally answering the first  Tri-Pardo  category for seventeen points alongside Quincy Margo, meaning they had kept their lead heading into the  Trivia Finale ! Once the Finale was all said and done, Quincy Margo had 112 points to their team name, while it was the FIGHTING MONGOOSES who held onto the lead with 121 points to end the night with their TWENTIETH GOLDEN VHS... and eighteenth at Hitch!

Congrats to the Fighting Mongooses, and thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy some Trivia Club at our Black Label location of Hitch Limited! We're returning back to our regular schedule so we'll see you in TWO WEEKS at Queen and Leslie for the next edition of Trivia Club on July 8th!
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