at The Rec Room: Stepford Singles, September 4th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 05, 2018

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It was our one year anniversary at The Rec Room Roundhouse, less a day, this past Tuesday with an annual championship extravaganza planned for October! Yes, 364 days after our first event at The Rec Room in Toronto we were bringing you the forty-sixth event complete with all the changes you've experienced in the first year in The Roundhouse and from the Three10 restaurant!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Team "Happy Birthday Kelvin!" in the lead, with a four point advantage on four other teams! Rounding out the first round Top Five (top five, top five) in that runner-up spot were DC Chicks, featuring a returning Black Canary, the Stepford Singles, Jennifer Garner Fanboys, and We Suck! who are actual returning Golden VHS Champs from June, Really Makes U Think! Two points behind them were The Madisons, followed by Lamb Sauce!

In  Tri-Pardo  it then became a matter of breaking the jam behind our lead team while also seeing if any one of the teams would be able to surpass them and take first place! With DC Chicks rolling for nineteen points in the first question, Stepford Singles rolling for seven points in the second question, and Happy Birthday Kelvin! rolling for seven points as well in the third question, thirty-three points were up for grabs! Stepford Singles, Lamb Sauce, and We Suck! would all lose points on the first question, though Stepford Singles and We Suck! would both at least be able to pull back from the nineteen point skid to get fourteen points from the second and third questions so that they would only take a five point loss each! Meanwhile DC Chicks and Jennifer Garner Fanboys would both get the second question incorrect but balance it out with a correct third question! Finally, Happy Birthday Kelvin! would ultimately add to their lead with a correct third question for seven points!

This meant that for the  Trivia Finale  that Happy Birthday Kelvin! did have the advantage but they still had to answer correctly no matter the wager to ensure victory... and in fact with a five point wager they left the door open for the Jennifer Garner Fanboys to sweep in and take the Golden VHS if all teams answered the last question correctly! Ultimately only two teams answered the last question correctly...

Those teams? Stepford Singles and We Suck!

With both teams betting all twenty points that they could this meant that for the first time at The Rec Room, and only the sixth time in more then six-hundred events... we had a TIE!

Ties are so rare that The Rec Room is now the only active location for Trivia Club to have had a tie take place, and with that... they are also the first location to have had a tie broken in such a way as it was on Tuesday the 4th of September! See, the Fifth Category that we would use for the tie-breaker proved to be an anagram and with that in place... it became a race to the finish with the first team to unravel the answer winning the Golden VHS!

After a tense two or three minutes, the STEPFORD SINGLES yelled out the answer and with that answer became the GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS for the first time at The Rec Room!

 04/09/18 POINTS TABLE 
Happy Birthday Kelvin! 17 7 24 5 19
DC Chicks 13 0 13 0 13
Stepford Singles 13 -5 8 20 28
Jennifer Garner Fanboys 13 0 13 20 -7
Lamb Sauce 9 -33 -24 24 -48
We Suck! 13 -5 8 20 28
Well done to the Stepford Singles and congrats once again, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room in all our Labour Day weekend slumber to ride that vacation wave maybe a little bit longer! We'll see you again NEXT WEEK on September 11th at The Rec Room! Remember to reserve your table for trivia at The Rec Room either at their website or over the phone, specifying 'TRIVIA' and we've also got our FIRST annual celebration of Trivia Club at The Rec Room coming in OCTOBER! Keep an eye out for details!
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