at Hitch: Australia, July 23rd 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

July 24, 2018

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We ended our July at our longest-running current location Hitch with a wonderful mix of new faces, returning teams, and long-time legacy competition! On this night as well The Fighting Mongooses were the latest team to look to THREEPEAT, a feat only accomplished by four other teams! They would certainly have competition on this night however!

 Trivia Classic  saw Wookiee Cushion, the Hitch bar team, hold the lead after the first half of the night! Two points behind after round one, were the returning REO Speedealer, while the house team at Hitch the Fighting Mongooses were three points behind REO, in third! Yes, they had some catching up to do if they wanted to win that third Golden VHS in a row! Three points behind them was the newcomer Australia! Yes, a single man but representing an entire country! The Sinking Ship returned to round out the field!

 Game Show Games  saw points handed out in round two, with Australia grabbing the first TOP TEN of the round in Countdown Takedown! The Fighting Mongooses would grab another TOP TEN in Survey Says! It was still such a close field that the Combo Breakdown could have been the big difference maker! REO Speedealer outlasted Wookiee Cushion and the Fighting Mongooses, but lost their Combo'd points when they looked to double up and only walked away from the Breakdown with THREE POINTS!

 Tri-Pardo  saw Australia roll a natural TWENTY on the first question, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled six points for the second question, and The Sinking Ship rolled seventeen points on the third question! All teams got the second question correct, but it was what else was guessed around those six points that shaped the third round. Australia and The Sinking Ships gained six points, while Wookiee lost eleven points, REO Speedealer lost fourteen points, and the Fighting Mongooses swung for the fences but lost thirty-one points! This meant that heading into the  Finale  question, Australia had found themselves in first place! Three points behind were Wookiee Cushion, while REO Speedealer were now seven points off the lead!

The Finale question proved tricky however, and the win went to those who wagered smartly! The runner-up on the night was The Sinking Ship, who had left behind half the point! Not only would the Fighting Mongooses miss out on their chance at a threepeat, they would also finish in the negative for the first time at Trivia Club! Winning with thirty points however, with their FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP on their first attempt at Trivia Club... AUSTRALIA! The man for the country worked out the kinks, and took home the Gold, becoming one of the few solo winners at Trivia Club as well!

 23/07/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 25.5 4 10 2 -31 (20) -9.5
REO Speedealer 28.5 6 8 3 -14 (31.5) 0
Wookiee Cushion 30.5 8 6 2 -11 (35.5) 0
Australia 22.5 10 0 0 6 (8.5) 30
The Sinking Ship 14.5 2 4 0 6 (26) 0.5
Congrats Australia, and thank you to everyone who came out to play Toronto's Greatest Game Show at Our Home Away of Hitch! Better luck next time to all, and one of these days Fighting Mongooses! We'll see you all again in THREE WEEKS time for the next edition of Trivia Club at Hitch on August 13th!
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