at Cardinal Rule: Better Late Than..., October 4th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 06, 2017

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 T hey would not back down at Cardinal Rule, they would stand their ground! Yes, as we returned to the Original Home of Trivia Club we found a familiar sight! Last Place Team welcomed a new room of unfamiliar faces to test their mental metal against, and not just on any night but on the night that they would surpass the Electric Mayhem on number of events participated at for third all-time at Cardinal Rule, after thirty-five straight appearances, and as a team of family!

Last Place Team held court after the first round, Trivia Classic with a good lead on newcomers and immediately entertaining Spyci Boi in second. The Boi had a two and a half point lead on TK421 in third, while Better Late Than… rounded out the field!

With new teams brought a renewed unpredictability to Cardinal Rule! Game Show Games began Countdown Takedown and a TOP TEN for Last Place Team! Better Late grabbed eight points, TK421 grabbed six points, and Spyci Boi were mildly excited with four points. Survey Says shifted things with a TOP TEN for TK421, while Better Late grabbed another eight, Last Place Team nabbed six points, and the Boi found two good points. Things were about to heat up for the Spyci Boi however, as a face-off between them and Last Place Team, left Last Place Team with ten points and Spyci with TWENTI POINTS! Yes, rare max grab had brought Spyci Boi back into contention, though Last Place Team still held a six point lead.

This made Tri-Pardo as always an important round going forward, not just for the top teams but for the field! Spyci Boi made a deal for fifteen points on the first category, while Better Late Than… rolled a critical hit one-handed, yes twenty points for the second category, before TK421 rounded things out with another fifteen points for the third category. This meant that fifty big points were up for grabs in our trip of Pardo questions.

Last Place Team would then HIT FOR THE TRIP and grab those fifty points, while Better Late Than… would nab thirty-five points, finding themselves in second for the first time on the night. Spyci Boi wouldn't be too far behind, grabbing twenty points after there two fifteen point answers cancelled each other out. Speaking of which, TK421 would step forward would also answer twice but find those answers cancelled out!

This meant that heading into the Finale, Last Place Team had the lead, but not a mathematical lock on the lead. Spyci Boi had kept pace, though Better Late had passed them by just two points, better late than never in this case. With the Finale it was all hands on deck, with half a point left on the deck by TK421, and all the points wagered by Spyci Boi, while Better Late and Last Place Team each left a single point on the line!

With all the potential ways the Finale could shake out, it proved quite tricky for the field. Tricky enough that of the four teams, only one was able to answer it correctly. Zigging when you expected them to zag, and finishing the night with 123 points, FIRST-TIME GOLDEN VHS Champs, BETTER LATE THAN…!

Spyci Boi 14 4 2 20 20 (60) 0
Last Place Team 20 10 6 10 50 (95) 1
Better Late Than… 7 8 8 4 35 (61) 123
TK421 11.5 6 10 0 0 (27) 0.5
Congrats to our first and Golden, Better Late Than… and thank you to everyone who came out to Cardinal Rule to go all-in for the gold! We'll see you next WEDNESDAY in celebration of our 500th edition of Trivia Club in our history. For a show that featured fifteen events in our first twelve months, it's baffling and beautiful that we're clipping by 500 at a weekly pace in 2017. Thank you, 2017 has been one surprising milestone after another.

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