at The Rec Room: The Bastards, September 5th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 06, 2017

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 L adies and Gentlemen, WELCOME to Trivia Club at The Rec Room! It was a pleasure to have you all in The Hall on Tuesday night! We're certainly getting used to our new digs VERY quickly! The trivia is the same you know and love, but the scope is certainly something different! More prizes, a whole new audio and visual experience, and more then enough games to keep you busy before and after Trivia Club!

Joining us on this debut event were a wonderful crowd of Trivia Club notables and newcomers as well! The Bastards led on the night after the first round of Trivia Classic, yes back for their first appearance since April, and making their ONE-HUNDREDTH APPEARANCE at Trivia Club! Close behind them were the Cunning Stunts and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, tied for second! Half a point, yes HALF a point, behind them in fourth were Team Name, who were certainly traveling well! Rounding out the Top Five after Trivia Classic? Lt. Dance! Yes, at full strength for the night were another recognizable Tuesday night team! The Barnacles, known in the past as Cardinal Rule winners Super Awesome Notorious Trivia All-Stars (or S.A.N.T.A.S.) and the first Lou Dawgs champs Matthew McConaughey Arnold, were in sixth. I Thought This Was Speed Dating were in seventh, with Strike Back one point behind them in eigth! Rounding out the top ten were Three Blind Mice, and Team Groom, with The Sho's Show (keep an eye on Not Oasis, they're very funny people) just half a point behind Team Groom to round out the field!

With this much Trivia Club up for grabs this led to an unpredictable Game Show Games round, as teams wrote down their answers on their sheets and to the quality answers came even more points and a fews prizes as well! Box Office Bulls-eye saw the M. Night Shaym-Aliens (featuring Marc of David Bowie's Corporate Whores, as well as his mom and dad at a time throughout the night!) grab the TOP TEN in the first BOB at The Rec Room! Picking up seven points were The Bastards and The Sho's Show! While Team Name picked up three points for their guess! Then in Countdown Takedown, a handful of teams picked up a TOP TEN, with ten points going to The Bastards, I Thought This Was Speed Dating and Team Groom! Finally in Survey Says, the TOP TEN went to another round of teams, with The Sho's Show, Team Name, I Thought This Was Speed Dating, Team Groom, and The Barnacles all picking up big points! With the one-two punch of Takedown and the Survey, Speed Dating and Team Groom both grabbed the most points in round two and nabbed prizes!

Finally, with a competitive field going for broke on Tri-Pardo, The Bastards still led after the second round but it was truly anyones game! With the big fluffy twenty-sided die introduced, Team Name rolled the first category for six points, while The Sho's Show rolled the second category for fourteen points, and Strike Back rolled the third category for fifteen points! This led to all number of results after the third round was all said and done, with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens walking away with an additional twenty-nine points, while The Bastards and Team Name both picked up twenty-three points, and I Thought This Was Speed Dating picked up twenty points!

Heading into the Finale, The Bastards, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, and Team Name all had a chance to top 100 points, while the rest of the field had to depend on a mix of luck and quick thinking! With the Cunning Stunts choosing the Finale, a question was chosen that lent a bit of luck, however not enough to knock the top teams all the way down the standings! With their chosen Finale, the Cunning Stunts finished fifth in the end of the night's Top Five! In fourth place were Team Groom! Team Name finished in third with 117 points. Runners-up on the night with 124 points were the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! Finally, wagering big and following through with the result...

Becoming the first team to win the Golden VHS on their 100th appearance, the inaugural GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS at The Rec Room, and now THIRTY-SIX TIME CHAMPIONS overall... THE BASTARDS! Yes, with a tried and true name that will have to be made a bit more family friendly on the video screens around The Rec Room this week, The Bastards helped in opening our new Trivia Club Tuesday location with a bang!

The Bastards 29.5 7 10 2 23 (70) 141.5
Cunning Stunts 23 0 0 6 1 (30) 60
Lt. Dance 20 0 0 0 1 (21) 0
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 23 10 0 0 29 (62) 124
The Sho’s Show 12 7 0 10 8 (30) 7
Team Name 22.5 3 0 10 23 (58.5) 117
I Thought This Was Speed Dating 15 0 10 10 20 (20) 35
Team Groom 12.5 0 10 10 7 (39.5) 79
Strike Back 14.5 0 0 2 -14 (20) 22.5
The Barnacles 19 0 0 10 8 (37) 0
Congrats to The Bastards, one more time. Thank you to everyone, thank you very much indeed, for making our opening night at The Rec Room such a fun experience! We can't want to grow, to explore the space, really take over The Hall, and get to know The Rec Room as a whole! Oh, what we'll be able to do when we know all the bells and whistles we can play with!

We'll see you BACK at The Rec Room next Tuesday, for another edition of Trivia Club! Yes, as much as the night felt like a special event... it's literally only the beginning! Trivia Club Tuesday is back, and better then ever!

Remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!
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