at Cardinal Rule: Karen from Finance, January 18th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 20, 2017

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 A nother week at the Original Home of Trivia Club, another night were the place was full and ready for questions, with the bar open to watch it all go down! Once again it was a mix of regular faces, returning guests, and first time competitors... and wouldn't you know that the Finale brought things to an unexpected turn at the very end!

Trivia Classic came to an end with a solid shakedown of teams, after the first round! The Hot Ones led after the first round, and merged with the remaining pieces of their friends who were in fourth after the first, the Hotones! Yes, now a team of six instead of two teams of four, this latest version of the Last Golden VHS winners at Lou Dawgs, also known as Lt. Dance, were ready for the second round! In second after the first round were the Last Place Team, just two points behind The Hot Ones aka Lt. Dance, with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens one point behind Last Place Team, in third! Now in fourth were the Cunning Stunts, four points behind third place, with newcomers Karen from Finance five points behind the Stunts in fifth! Another group of newcomers with an equally excellent name were the Holy Guacamoles in sixth, followed by the Reggie 10's to wrap up the field!

Our second round of Game Show Games immediately shook up the standings, with the only team in the top four of the night getting points in Countdown Takedown being the Last Place Team who grabbed the TOP TEN! Reggie 10's, Holy Guacamoles, and Karen from Finance also picked up points! Then in Survey Says, Karen from Finance picked the right answer for their own TOP TEN, while the Hotones grabbed eight points, and the Cunning Stunts picked up four! C-C-Combo Breakdown then saw a competitive slate of answering, with the battle coming down to the Cunning Stunts and H'Tones, the Joey H'Tones... with those Hot Ones picking up SEVENTEEN POINTS by the skin of their teeth!

In Tri-Pardo, it was feast and famine for the Ho Tones, who lost twenty points quicker then they had won the seventeen, while five points were won with a little right and a little wrong in the trio questions, for Karen from Finance, Holy Guacamoles, and Cunning Stunts! Last Place Team won fifteen points with a correct second answer, while the M. Night Shaym-Aliens grabbed twenty-five points with two correct answers in Tri-Pardo! That part meant that the Shaym-Aliens had found themselves in first place before the Finale question, with 72 points, one point ahead of Last Place Team's 71 points! Six points then separated Karen from Finance in third, and the Cunning Stunts and Hot Ones! And lo, the Finale question!

Most notably two things happened, the Last Place Team wagered 60 points put were unable to get the last question correct and thus slipped to 11 points... and in first place, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens held pat and did not wager any points... and thus finished fourth on the night, passed on the Finale (even though they DID in fact have the correct answer) by the halo'd avocado Holy Guacamoles, and the Cunning Stunts who finished as runners-up by six point to...

The FIRST-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on the night, KAREN FROM FINANCE! Congrats to Karen from Finance, may you take this as cart blanche to go wild at the office Holiday party!
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 42 0 0 5 25 (0) 72
Last Place Team 43 10 0 3 15 (60) 11
Cunning Stunts 38 0 4 6 5 (53) 106
Holy Guacamoles 29 6 0 2 5 (42) 84
The Hot Ones 45 0 8 17 -20 (50) 0
Karen from Finance 33 4 10 4 5 (56) 112
Yes, congrats to Karen from Finance and thank you of course to all the wonderful folks who came out to trivia! Both new and returning, regular competitors and brand new regulars! We'll see you again NEXT WEDNESDAY and remember... it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way!
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