at Cardinal Rule: David Bowie's Corporate Whores, January 11th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 11, 2017

 W e returned to Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, yes after three weeks away it was a pleasure to be back at the Original Home of Trivia Club, presented by the Amsterdam Brewery, and the participants did not disappoint (do they ever?), as it was a wonderful collection of recognizable faces, returning teams, and brand new participants! Not only that, but a new graphic or two!

After our first round of Trivia Classic, David Bowie's Corporate Whores and returned and brought with them a three and a half point lead after the first round. In the second place spot was none other then returning Golden VHS Champs from the end of 2016, Last Place Team! No more then three points behind them were the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! In fourth were newcomers Narcos Sucks (they enjoyed a Pablo Escobar telenovela much more, FYI), followed by a tied up pair of teams in the Cunning Stunts and Team Name! Team Name were making their 135th appearance at Trivia Club on the night, while the Cunning Stunts were marking appearance number 150! Another new team in Sloppy Llama were seventh, with Clavens in eighth, and Trivial Knowledge on their first appearance since their Golden VHS win, in ninth to round out the field!

Game Show Games then boosted David Bowie's Corporate Whores further, in Countdown Takedown, as the reigning owners of the Golden VCR grabbed the TOP TEN! With Trivial Knowledge, Team Name, Last Place Team AND M. Night Shaym-Aliens without any points after the first game, it was a big ten for David Bowie's CW on the one year anniversary of the death of Trivia Club's patron saint of show people, Mr. David Bowie. Survey Says then saw ALL NINE TEAMS grab points, over two questions, with Trivial Knowledge grabbing the first TOP TEN, and the Cunning Stunts grabbing the second TOP TEN on the final guess! Combo Breakdown then brought what was inevitably a four-way face-off between Last Place Team, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, David Bowie's Corporate Whores, and Sloppy Llama to a head, with Last Place Team finishing with five points, as the outliers of the three remaining teams the Sloppy Llama, proved to have the knowledge to be the last team standing, and for SEVENTEEN POINTS!

Though it was a wildly impressive finish to Combo Breakdown for Sloppy Llama, they weren't able to keep the momentum going in Tri-Pardo, grabbing five extra points in the trio of questions! The Cunning Stunts also picked up five points, while Narcos Sucks picked up fifteen points, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens picked up twenty points, and David Bowie's Corporate Whores took a huge step toward their eleventh Golden VHS with a triple of correct answers for Forty-Five Points! With all other teams being blanked by the third round, we jumped to the Finale!

Wagers were varied, but ultimately it became a matter of it being the correct answer or not, especially in the case of one team: David Bowie's Corporate Whores. And with a correct answer the current Grand Champions of Trivia Club won their ELEVENTH GOLDEN VHS! Doing so with 188 points, they also crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark for the seventh time!
Team Name 29.5 0 2 1 0 (0) 32.5
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 37 0 6 7 20 (1) 69
Last Place Team 40 0 2 5 0 (37) 10
Narcos Sucks 36 4 8 1 15 (63) 1
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores 43.5 10 6 7 45 (76.5) 188
Trivial Knowledge 18.5 0 10 0 0 (28.5) 0
Sloppy Llama 27.5 2 4 17 5 (55.5) 0
Cunning Stunts 29.5 8 10 3 5 (0) 55.5
Congrats to David Bowie's Corporate Whores, once again! And thank you to everyone who came out to take part in Cardinal Rule's first Trivia Club of 2017! It's wonderful to be back at it, with an excellent crowd at that. We'll see you again NEXT WEDNESDAY!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Starting THURSDAY January 12th, Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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