TOP TEN Scoreboard for May 2015

June 14, 2015

  • In case you were wondering, yes HERE we are! It's the return of the Top 10 Monthly Scoreboard. April's Scoreboard was understandably set aside from the grander Grand Championship Grand Prix glory. Which featured not just the top scores, but an accumulated listing, as well as ALL OTHER scores for the month of April! This is not that, this is right on back to the Top 10, featuring facts and figures of those teams and locations included.
  • After winning the 2015 Grand Championship, and garnering 3 of the Top 5 scores (1st, 2nd, & 5th) last month, the Electric Bastards did not appear in the Top 10 scores this month. Neither did their equal parts the Electric Mayhem or The Bastards.
  • The third highest scorer in April, PETE!, however did appear on May's Top 10 and was in fact the only team (one-man or otherwise) to appear multiple times. By name, that is, as the exact same team members make up both Crab Juice, as well as the Hustlers from Hustletown (and they are also known as Hitch's highest scoring team all-time, Stupid Lisa Garbage Face).
  • The Trusty Rumpets end the month with the highest score for the first time since October of 2014, when they were known as the Rusty Trumpets. They're all the highest score at Hitch in May with 158 points.
  • Not only did The Ticklish Boys (?) garner the highest score at Cardinal Rule in May, with 152 points, but they also did so on their first time out to Trivia while breaking The ||||||| Redacted's chance at the near elusive Golden VHS Threepeat!
  • Aside from garnering the fourth highest score of the month, The ||||||| Redacted were also the highest scoring team OUTSIDE of the Top Ten! Eleventh place in May meant 93 points.
  • The Mean Team of May, with the score closest to the Top Ten average, were also The ||||||| Redacted!
  • The Cunning Stunts had Lou Dawg's Ryerson's highest score of the month with 140 points, on a night that also nabbed the 5th and 7th highest scores of the month overall.
  • After garnering the seventh highest score of April, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens got the sixth highest score of May, and with seven fewer points then last month!
  • Half of the Top 10 scores of May happened in the last week of shows, on the 25th, 26th, and 27th.
  • Lou Dawg's Ryerson was responsible for FOUR of the high scores in the Monthly Scoreboard for May while Cardinal Rule, and Hitch, were each responsible for THREE high scores.
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY, at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY!

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