TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: #75 to #51

March 05, 2015

Welcome back, today we present the remaining very funny people that fit into the back-half of the Trivia Club Comedy 100, the crowd-sourced ranking of the funniest performers in comedy!

If you're new to the Trivia Club blog because of the TCC100, welcome! We would love to have your thoughts on everything so far, through twitter, facebook, or on the blog itself! Lists are created so that the largest number of people possible will disagree with one another! Trivia Club is the Greatest Game Show in Toronto (patent pending) and this blog, our iTUNES feed and YouTube channel, are an extension of our love for pop culture!

For instance, SKIPPING #75 (officially unofficially):

74. Trey Parker
Points: 208
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 31st (Russel)
As far as some Trivia Club contributors are concerned, every year that the socially relevant satire known as South Park is on the air, is a year that Trey Parker and Matt Stone should be on the Comedy 100. Parker, arguably the more vocally gifted of the two, earns the higher spot on our list.

74. Bobby Moynihan
Points: 208
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 20th (Andrew)

73. TJ Miller
Points: 211
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 12th (Sam)
SAM: While Thomas Middleditch carries the show admirably, the true breakout star of Silicon Valley is Miller, whose crazed Erlich Bachmann is such a maelstrom of bad decision making and terrible ideas that it's shocking the other characters want anything to do with him at all. It's Miller's charisma that sells why they keep him around and gives him a heart underneath his wicked exterior, making him ultimately the most likable character on the show.

72. Andre Braugher
Points: 212
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 11th (Rob)
ROB: This man is a gift to us all. I wanted to find and single out just one perfect line delivery on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to refer you to. It’s impossible. Go watch any episode. That YouTube hasn’t turned into a website solely devoted to ‘Best of Captain Holt’ compilations is beyond me.

71. Leslie Jones
Points: 221
Ballots: 5
Highest Vote: 9th (Hannah)

70. Cameron Esposito
Points: 224
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 2nd (Hannah)
HANNAH: So initially I put Cameron Esposito on my ballot because she was my favourite act from September’s JFL42. Then like the badass side mullet vested beast she is she came out with her album “Same Sex Symbol” and it was number one on itunes. Like instantly. Like it beat Sarah Silverman. Like it walked up to Sarah Silverman’s album and went “Thanks for playing you dumb dumb!” pushed it on the ground and stepped over it. I have a huge joke boner for this woman. I really dig how she crafts her jokes and her storytelling and her callbacks and her whole vibe! Also, when I saw her live she called out my roommate and me and made fun of us for like ten mins and then stayed after her show and like hung out which is really cool. She’s another person I feel really proud of even though I don’t know her on any sort of level.

69. H Jon Benjamin
Points: 229
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 10th (Russel)
JOHNNY: Most peope might not recognize his face, but his voice is unmistakable, and he makes everything written for him funnier. Anchoring both Archer and Bob's Burgers, (easily two of the funniest shows on TV) using essentially the same voice, but the right comedic subtleties to craft completely different characters. Was also great to see him (however briefly) as the coach in 22 Jump Street, as shouty as usual.

68. Mark Forward
Points: 234
Ballots: 5
Highest Vote: 21st (Brian & Matt)

67. Lauren Lapkus
Points: 238
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 20th (Matt)

66. Casey Wilson
Points: 242
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 27th (Megan)
ROB: Everyone’s secret favorite from Happy Endings (definitely the most quotable) has only killed it after taking a larger share of the spotlight in Marry Me. She also allowed for some levity in Gone Girl, without seeming out of place, which is amazing in retrospect. She does not sook. (Sorry.)

65. Kevin Hart
Points: 244
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 2nd (Leah)
LEAH: I won’t pretend I have always been a solid follower of the stand up scene.  Though, Kevin Hart is now killing it in pretty much every movie these days, my first knowledge of him was his stand up.  His special Laugh at My Pain, really was what launched my watching other stand ups.  The guy can tell a story and has amazing presence. I don’t know if he is destined to become a guilty pleasure of mine from over saturation, but at the moment he has serious heart. I hate myself for typing that but don’t know how to end this.

64. Billy Eichner
Points: 252
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 27th (Rob)
ROB: In a field crowded by the likes of Pete Holmes and T.J. Miller, Eichner is the most consistently hilarious of the scream-comedians.

63. Dan Mintz
Points: 255
Ballots: 3
Highest Vote: 3rd (Sam)
SAM: Of all the Bob's Burgers voice actors, Mintz is the standout. Why? Because despite the fact that his voice is the one that is immediately the most jarring when you start watching the show, over time he vanishes into Tina Belcher completely in a stunning transformation. Mintz gives life to one of the most well-crafted teenage girls in TV history, whose erotic fantasies and deep inner thoughts are as awkward, disturbing and bizarre as every woman knows they actually were at that point in life.  And he does it with a sassiness, with a quiet confidence, and with a goody two shoes charm that are in perfect harmony with one another.

62. Paul Rudd
Points: 256
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 11th (Matt)

61. Melissa McCarthy
Points: 257
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 4th (Megan)

60. Lena Dunham
Points: 259
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 12th (Saad)

KRISSY: Lena Dunham had quite the 2014. She released the 3rd season of her hit HBO series, Girls, as well as a funny, honest, some may say TMI, book of essays about her life so far called Not That a Kind of Girl. Lena is one of those super talented folks who makes everything she does look easy. While I wouldn't necessarily say Girls is hilarious, in a way that, say, Parks and Recreation is, it definitely has very funny moments. And much like her book, the humour is often subtle and relatable which makes it so darn good! And as if being a super talented, funny, clever, strong woman wasn't awesome enough, she goes and wears this shirt, printed with a collage of her dog, Lamby's face! Whaaat?!

I heart you, Lena Dunham. And your little dog too.

59. Aubrey Plaza
Points: 273
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 8th (Krissy)
SARAH: Aubrey Plaza is maybe the only person that could make me care about a Grumpy Cat movie, which says a lot. The To Do List would’ve been a much worse movie without her.

58. Chris Hardwick
Points: 277
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 3rd (Laura)
SAM: With his Comedy Central show, Hardwick has done what I've always wondered why nobody has done since Whose Line... he's brought the British-style panel show starring C-level celebrities into the mainstream. And he's done it with style and passion no less! Points!

57. Will Ferrell
Points: 280
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 13th (Megan)
SAM: While at this point it feels like he plays the character on autopilot, it's still worth including Will Ferrell on this list for his second round at playing Ron Burgundy. Whether serenading and wrestling a shark or getting angry at people who don't understand that he's blind, Ferrell always throws himself into the role with seriously funny results.

56. Jessica Williams
Points: 283
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 6th (Sam)
SAM: This was Williams' year on the Daily Show. As feminism and violence against African Americans both became important topics in the culture, she was able to bring her particular background and perspective to bear on a variety of amazingly insightful and memorable bits on the show, from trying to explain why catcalling is a bad thing to standing her ground in Florida.

55. Cecily Strong
Points: 284
Ballots: 5
Highest Vote: 25th (Sarah)
SARAH: Getting taken off of Weekend Update is possibly the best thing that ever happened to Cecily’s career. She’s become a MVP on this season of SNL.

54. Seth Myers
Points: 294
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 1st (Andrew)
ANDREW: 2014 was the year of Seth Meyers. He started off the year as a cast member and head writer of SNL where he had been the rock of Weekend Update as an anchor or co-anchor since 2006.

After a hilarious send-off featuring his “husband” Stefon, Meyers spent the next month working on his take as the new host of Late Night on NBC. The transition from SNL to late night host was lessened by the fact that the move was only one floor, but the roles are completely different, and Meyers quickly found his footing, proving to be one of the funniest hosts in late night.

Meyers didn’t re-invent the wheel with Late Night; he knows the formula in placed has worked for years, so it wasn’t necessary to revolutionize. What Meyers does bring to the new gig is the ability to seamlessly switch between political satirical commentary to pop cultural and current events humour. We truly see his ability as a stand-up comedian and performer, not just his excellence as an anchor. He’s surrounded himself by a talented writing staff who play to his strengths: he’s the quintessential straight man, and their eccentric characters often play to his strengths. Moreover, Seth puts his guests at ease, and seems to have an instant rapport with everyone he interviews, whether it’s an A List actor, a politician, or a musician or author. He also makes it easy for celebrities to laugh at themselves too.

Additionally this year, Meyers has continued to impress in his role as voice actor in the animated comedy series, The Awesomes. As Prock, leader of a band of superhero misfits, Meyers puts an intellectually self-aware spin on a traditional antihero.

In addition to continuing to perform stand up all over North America, Meyers also hosted the Emmy Awards this year, garnering huge praise from the public and industry vets alike. Meyers’ appeal really lies in that ability to charm various audiences.

He’s smart and witty, yet he’s still so accessible and affable that you can’t help but like the guy.

53. Tony Hale
Points: 322
Ballots: 5
Highest Vote: 17th (Rob)
ROB: I’m almost shocked that Hale has been awarded for his work on Veep, if only because he plays it so straight against a range of broader characters. He’s the one that grounds the entire cast, yet can still have a season-long arc where his character is in excruciating, physical-comedy-causing pain.

52. Jim Gaffigan
Points: 326
Ballots: 4
Highest Vote: 2nd (Kevin)
KEVIN: I love food. We all love food. But not one loves food on the level of Jim Gaffigan. Gaffigan has made a career out of sending up North America's favorite foods. In 2014, Gaffigan released his 2nd book (Food: A Love Story), his 9th Album (Obsessed) as well as a national tour promoting both. For a gourmand with 5 young children, it's amazing that he hasn't slowed down.

"I try to stick to three meals a day and then another three at night."

51. Weird Al Yankovic
Points: 338
Ballots: 5
Highest Vote: 16th (Sam)
SAM: This year saw Weird Al earn his first number one album, which says something for someone whose career has been so lengthy and full of ups and downs. But Mandatory Fun is deserving of that honour. Parodies like Word Crimes and Tacky are a perfect representation of everything he does well and a reminder of why he's still on top no matter how many YouTube song parodies now exist to compete with him.  Plus, his voice has actually never been better. The way he twists himself around the rap verses in Word Crimes or reaches the high notes of the polka are impressive examples of musicianship in addition to being hilarious.

Thank you again everyone for checking out Trivia Club's blog for the Trivia Club Comedy 100! And in ANOTHER two days we'll reveal the rankings from #50 to #26!

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