TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: #3 - Amy Poehler

March 22, 2015

The Funniest Woman Alive is Amy Poehler! I didn't have to tell you that, but it is a nice thing to confirm undoubtedly.

3. Amy Poehler
Points: 924
Ballots: 11
Highest Vote: 3rd (Megan)

BRIAN: Leslie Knope is one of the all-time greatest characters in television and it's no small part due to Amy Poehler. This year, aside from her amazing work in "Parks & Recreation", Amy also released her first book "Yes Please" and continues to work to inspire young girls with projects like the "Smart Girls At the Party" website. Amy is just effortlessly charming. Meeting her at a book signing earlier this year, re-enforces that you can't not love and respect her the second you hear that fantastic laugh and see her speak so eloquently about women in comedy.

Amy freestyle raps about Butter in one of the funniest things. Period. 

It's perfect.

RUSSEL: Amy Poehler is magic, in the last couple of years especially she’s grown into a powerhouse of the comedy world that has even eclipsed her former running mate at the Update Desk, and Golden Globes co-host Tina Fey.

But this isn’t a competition, so what am I saying? It’s just this kind of girl on girl business that Poehler would shake her head at. With her website “Smart Girls At the Party”, her inspiring and insightful book “Yes Please”, and support of such amazing female comedians as the Broad City duo, Poehler’s impact raises everyone around her up, as opposed to keep them down.

If not for breakout years by the TCC100 top two, Poehler would be number one and that would be a fitting end to a continuing great year for Amy Poehler in which Parks & Recreation came to an end while spotlighting the power of positivity.

Patron Saint of waffles, and the danger of making an effort! Speaking of which, our top two are not only a couple of funny guys that have a staggering number of things not in common, but they ALSO had likely the biggest years bar none for a number of different reason! Our TOP TWO, blew-up in 2014! And with that in your minds, we'll see you in THREE DAYS for the celebration of number two!

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