at Farside: Kwik-E-Smarts, December 19th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 20, 2018

It was a wild and wonderful back and forth night of Trivia Club at the friendly neighbourhood Farside! Who would come to compete at Broadview and Gerrard? Who would join the short list of Golden VHS Champions to end a calendar year of Trivia Club? We would see newcomers and familiar faces, the return of our wonderful Wednesday 'tender behind the bar, and a final twist to 2018 that showed just how unpredictable this post-Rule year had been!

 Trivia Classic  ended with Matt & Pat, otherwise known as Smartly Pretty, make their debut (and Matt's second appearance) at Farside as Baby Jesus It's Cold Outside! They held a half point lead on Biscuits (now with slightly more SPARTACUS alumni)! After taking the first half of December off the reigning Linear Champions were ready to go head to head with Matt & Pat! One and a half points away from Biscuits were Buffalo 9's (in Toronto they're a six, in Buffalo they're nines), and three points behind the 9's were Kwik-E-Smarts! The Smarts had a four point lead on White Lemon who rounded out the Top Five (top five, top five)! Brewers Yeast Infection were sixth, with a two point lead on Upstanding Gentlemen, with DRL & The Supremes rounding the field!

 Game Show Games  then saw Countdown Takedown start off the second round with Baby Jesus It's Cold Outside grabbing the initial TOP TEN, while Biscuits grabbed the TOP TEN in Survey Says before Brewers Yeast Infection grabbed the second TOP TEN in Survey Says after the field ran the table on our spin on the Family Feud! Baby Jesus It's Cold Outside then proved to be the last team standing in Combo Breakdown and take EIGHT POINTS and retake the lead from Biscuits in a second round that saw the close race ping back and forth!

 Tri-Pardo  then had Baby Jesus It's Cold Outside roll the first question for eight points, Kwik-E-Smarts rolled the second question for fifteen points, and Buffalo 9's rolled the third question for seventeen points! This meant forty points were on the line! No team would hit for the triple, but the biggest gain would see Biscuits grab twenty-three points from the first and second questions, and thus take the lead from Baby Jesus, who grabbed fifteen points from the second question! Grabbing eight points from the first question and finding themselves in the third place spot before the Finale were Brewers Yeast Infection! Losing twenty-four points and falling to eleven total before the last question were Kwik-E-Smarts. This of course put all the more drama behind the Trivia Finale, as Biscuits now had a two and a half point lead on Baby Jesus It's Cold Outside, and the two teams had nearly double the points (but not quite) on their closest competition! So as it was through most of the year... everyone went all in, if not more then all in!

Going more then all in was exactly what one team needed too, because ending the year all but one team would answer the Finale correctly! Winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP... and ending the year with 31 points... KWIK-E-SMARTS!

 19/12/18 POINTS TABLE 
Baby Jesus It’s
Cold Outside
32 10 4 8 15 (69) 0
Kwik-E-Smarts 27 4 2 2 -24 (20) 31
The Supremes 12 8 6 0 -24 (2) -18
Brewers Yeast Infection 18.5 0 10 1 8 (37.5) 0
Biscuits 31.5 6 10 1 23 (71.5) 0
Buffalo 9’s 30 2 8 1 -9 (32) 0
It was an unheralded kinda win that even surprised the team that took the competition at the end of the night! Kwik-E-Smarts become the first team since S.A.N.T.A.S. in 2012 to win their first Golden VHS as the last Golden VHS of the year, and first debuting team to do so! Congrats to Kwik-E-Smarts, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Farside this Wednesday night and across Trivia Club this year in 2018!

We will see you again in 2019! Thank you for joining us for twenty-three excellent editions of Trivia Club at the Friendly Neighbourhood 'side of the street!
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