at Cardinal Rule: David Bowie's Corporate Whores, February 22nd 2017 TRIVA CLUB CHAMPS

February 24, 2017

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 W hat a way to close off February at the Original Home of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto, then with the doubling down of all things great about Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule! Not only were the Cunning Stunts looking to become the second team to threepeat at Cardinal Rule, but the first team to do so at two separate locations! Also, with the return of Karen from Finance as Todd from Accounting, our Linear Championship Belt was also on the line! So it was a host of legacy teams that joined us, both recently appointed and long-time members of the Club, to make it a memorable occasion... and was it ever! 

Trivia Classic, more then anything, established how close of a race this night would become with David Bowie's Corporate Whores establishing an early lead on the field! Just two points behind them however were the repeat Champs at Cardinal Rule looking for the threepeat, Trivia Club's winningest team of All-Time, the Cunning Stunts! Within five points from the lead were the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, just three appearances away from their 100th, in third! Just two points behind the Shaym-Aliens were Last Place Team, who themselves held a point and a half advantage on the Occasional Champions! Rounding out the field were Carnage, who represented one half of Lt. Dance, the returning Linear Champions Karen from Finance as Todd from Accounting, and Team Name!

Game Show Games then burst forward with Todd from Accounting grabbing the first TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, and Last Place Team getting eight points, while Team Name nabbed six points, the DB's CW and the Cunning Stunts rounded out the four and two spots! In Survey Says, it was the Cunning Stunts going from two to the TOP TEN, while Todd from Accounting, Last Place Team, and David Bowie's Corporate Whores once again picked up points! Jumping into C-C-Combo Breakdown, Last Place Team had made up ground on the top two teams, while Todd from Accounting had jumped all the way up from seventh to a solid fourth spot, doubling their score in the first two Game Show Games! The Breakdown took down the Occasional Champions immediately, with a single word, causing them to be the only team blanked in round two, before festivities eventually rounded down to Last Place Team, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, and David Bowie's Corporate Whores... with Last Place Team being the LAST TEAM STANDING for SIXTEEN POINTS! With that, Last Place Team had leapt past the David Bowie's and the Cunning Stunts for the lead before Tri-Pardo!

Tri-Pardo saw the first question be rolled for five points, the second question get seventeen points on the icosahedron, and third question get a ten point roll for a possible thirty-two point round three take! Due to a tricky second question however, no team escaped from Tri-Pardo without losing at least two points, except for Team Name, with Todd from Accounting and Last Place Team getting the worst of it to the tune of a twelve point loss each, and Carnage taking a seventeen point hit! With that sudden shake-up, heading into the Finale, the field had suddenly condensed and Last Place Team's lead had evaporated, leaving them TIED with David Bowie's Corporate Whores for first... while the Cunning Stunts were one point behind, potentially one too many for a threepeat.

Finale wagering was a mixture of all in and standing pat, save for one team... the Last Place Team, who in leaving five point behind seem to have also lost an opportunity at a tie-breaker for the Golden VHS, because in leaving five points on the board the Last Place Team finished in third on this night...  by five points! The runners-up by two points, the same number of points that separated the two teams after the first round, were the Cunning Stunts... so very close from threepeating in February, just as they had at Lou Dawgs two years ago to the month! The Champions on the night...
Cunning Stunts 34 2 10 2 -2 (46) 92
Occasional Champions 27.5 0 0 0 -2 (25.5) 51
Todd from Accounting 18 10 8 1 -12 (25) 50
Last Place Team 29 8 6 16 -12 (42) 89
Team Name 15 6 0 3 0 (24) 48
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 31 0 0 5 -2 (0.5) 33.5
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores 36 4 4 5 -2 (47) 94
Carnage 21 0 0 1 -17 (5) 0
TWELVE-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS and the new holders of the Linear Championship Belt, DAVID BOWIE'S CORPORATE WHORES! Congrats, DB's CW! Thank you as well to everyone who came out tonight and made it such a wonderful celebration to close out February! We'll see you all again next Wednesday for more Trivia Club at our Original Home of Cardinal Rule!
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