at Cardinal Rule: Cheryl from HR, February 1st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 02, 2017

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 I n our penultimate night at Cardinal Rule before the bicentennial event, it was an excellent representation of what has made trivia so much fun over the last five years on the west end of Toronto!

Trivia Classic saw the Cunning Stunts leading the field, a week after their 50th Golden VHS win, but only by a single point over Team Name! Another point behind Team Name was the team with the third most appearances at Cardinal Rule, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! In fourth place were the retuning David Bowies Corporate Whores, having last appeared when they won the night three weeks prior, while Karen from Finance were also making a return two weeks after their debuting Golden VHS (and Linear Championship Belt) victory, now known as Cheryl from HR! Newcomers My Mom Says I'm Smart were in sixth place, followed by Lt. Dance who on this night went by the name The Jeff “Makeout” Sessions! Rounding out the wildly competitive night were Last Place Team (after one week off to enjoy Louis CK and ready for another fifty straight weeks at Trivia Club) and Trivial Knowledge!

Game Show Games began with Countdown Takedown, and David Bowie's Corporate Whores immediately shook up the competition with not just a top ten but FIFTEEN ON THE DOT! The Cunning Stunts were a single number over, and were blanked on points with a host of other teams, but Cheryl from HR grabbed eight points, the “Makeout” Sessions grabbed six points, and Trivial Knowledge took four points in the first game! “Makeout” Sessions then took the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while Cheryl from HR grabbed another eight points! My Mom Says I'm Smart nabbed six game show points, while DB’s CW were able to take two points for their own! Finally it was time for C-C-COMBO Breakdown and after an at times chaotic back and forth, the last team left standing with FIFTEEN POINTS to their name, and not for the lack of a John Hurt Locker from Last Place Team, were the Jeff “Makeout” Sessions! Unfortunately the representatives from Lt. Dance then had to make their exit as the second round ended, taking their 31 points from round two with them!

Tri-Pardo proved to shift the room in one direction, while a single team stuck to a plan and swayed another way! The twenty point question proved dangerous enough to not only knock points off of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Team Name, and Last Place Team, it all kept the score from the third round for every other team at a nice but not excellent five points! The one team that did not go for the interesting if not dangerous twenty point question? Cheryl from HR! The two-time team got the fifteen point question correct and with the ten point boost over their competition, went into the Finale with a three point advantage in first place!

The Trivia Finale was then a question of wagering and correctness, as is it's want! My Mom Says I'm Smart was the team that held pat, while the remainder of the field went more or less all in! And when the dust settled? The Cunning Stunts finished in third, while David Bowie's Corporate Whores finished as runners-up... meaning the most unheralded of the "returning" Champions were the one that's took home the Golden VHS!
Last Place Team 21 0 0 4 -10 (14) 29
Team Name 34 0 0 3 -30 (20) 27
Cunning Stunts 35 0 0 4 5 (44) 88
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 33 0 0 3 -5 (31) 62
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores 30 15 2 2 5 (54) 108
Cheryl from HR 24 8 8 2 15 (57) 114
My Mom Says I’m Smart 22 0 6 3 -10 (0) 21
The Jeff “Makeout” Sessions 21 6 10 15 OUT (-) -
Trivial Knowledge 21 4 0 0 5 (30) 60
Now TWO-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS, and on their second appearance no less, CHERYL FROM HR! Those humans were certainly a useful resource! Congrats once again to Cheryl from HR! Thank you as well to all the excellent teams who came out to Cardinal Rule, making it such an exceptional night for trivia goodness!

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