at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, January 25th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 26, 2017

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 A  record-setting week continued at Cardinal Rule, this past Wednesday, though in an unexpected way for some teams! It was a collection of familiar faces to Trivia Club, with no one team with less then forty appearances to their name!

At the end of Trivia Classic, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens who on this night were simply known as the Hot Boys led the field! Three points behind them were the Cunning Stunts back to full strength for the first time in 2017! In third place were Alternative Facts, also known as Lt. Dance, with Trivial Knowledge two and a half points behind them in fourth! Only one point behind them, to round out the group? Team Name! Yes, anything was possible on the night!

The Hot Boys started off Game Show Games with a TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while the only team that was blanked in our first game was Team Name! Survey Says then saw the Hot Boys grab eight points, and Alternative Facts grab four points! Trivial Knowledge however grabbed the TOP TEN! C-C-Combo Breakdown then brought an unexpectedly fierce battle in the third game show game, with Team Name grabbing two points, Alternative Facts getting three points, the Cunning Stunts nabbing four points... and the Hot Boys continuing their wildly impressive second round with a FIFTEEN POINT haul!

Yes, this put the Hot Boys in a solid position for All-Time High Scoring heading into Tri-Pardo, so the Shaym-Aliens swung for the fences! Unfortunately in swinging hard, they missed on the first two questions, and though they hit on the twenty point question that only meant that they lost five points in the third round! And while the Boys lost ground, Team Name gained five points, and Alternative Facts grabbed twenty-five points, while Trivial Knowledge won thirty points... but it was the Cunning Stunts who rushed into the lead spot before the Trivia Finale, by hitting for the triple for a full Forty-Five Points in the third round!

Now in the Finale, it was a familiar story from end to end, with the top four teams going all or nothing on the last question, while Team Name with half the points of their closest competition deciding to best nothing... and let it ride! Cagey as they were, it wasn't Team Name's night, and it wasn't the night for Alternative Facts either who finished a point behind the Hot Boys... who finished in third after being on the tip of a possible 200 after the second round. Though it came down to Trivial Knowledge and the Cunning Stunts, Trivial Knowledge would not be winning their second Golden VHS on their fortieth appearance. On their one-hundred and fifty-second appearance...

The CUNNING STUNTS won their FIFTIETH GOLDEN VHS! Yes, that means that even with just over 150 appearances, they've won a third of the time. Not only that, but with less then 500 events so far in the history of Trivia Club, that means that the Cunning Stunts have won slightly more then ten percent of all Trivia Club events. It's wild, it's wonderful. When it first started, I had no preconception of the quiz show lasting fifty events, let alone a single team eventually winning it fifty times.



Cunning Stunts 40 4 0 4 45 (93) 186
Alternative Facts 30.5 8 4 3 25 (70.5) 141
Hot Boys 43 10 8 15 -5 (71) 142
Team Name 27.5 0 0 2 5 (0) 34.5
Trivial Knowledge 28 6 10 0 30 (74) 148
Congrats to the Cunning Stunts, and thank you to everyone who came out tonight to Cardinal Rule! As I said at the top, it was a special night in which every team on the nigh had played at least forty times, and in more cases more then seventy times, which is really quite wonderful in and of itself! We'll see you again NEXT WEDNESDAY at our Original Home! Remember, it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way!
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