TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: Introducing our Voters & other Funny People

March 01, 2015

Don’t think of this as a year-end list, if you thought about it as a year-end list that would make the fact that it’s almost March some what awkward for the folks toiling behind the scenes of Trivia Club Enterprises. This is a celebration of comedy, with a time for eligibility made all the less topical by the speed in which we got this up! But who says funny things need to be topical?! Remember that most of ranked are judged on the period between October 2013 and October 2014, with the odd ranking mixing in most of 2013, if not all of 2014!

As our mission statement noted:

Comedy is subjective, different things are funny to different people. I want to see where the similarities and differences lie and where it all might intersect. And I don’t think I’m the only one!

Yes, it’s the 2014 Trivia Club Comedy 100! We’re a crowd-sourced ranking of the funniest performers in the comedy world! Stand-up, improv, sketch, TV, film, and even podcasts! As most all of the voters are from the United States and Canada, it’s a TCC 100 that skews North American! We collected 17 ballots, 5 of which contained 100 entries – all in all giving us 435 distinct comedians receiving votes. Before we start unveiling the results in the coming weeks, let us meet those talented folks (in their own regard) who voted this year:
  • Andrew Kesteloot is a stand-up guy, though not a stand-up, guys. He’s currently part of Trivia Club’s SNL Fantasy League with Damian and the Feline Sociopaths, “led” by Kate McKinnon.
  • Matthew Smith was not available at the time of this photo.
  • Brian Edwards is the go to guest host and a co-host on the Deep Thoughts on SNL Podcast. He also knows his stuff when it comes to comedy.
  • Robb Oates is proprietor of The Mustard Concern.  Intersecting mathematics and language since 2013.
  • Leah Sueko won’t read this anyway.
  • Rob Moden is the host of the Deep Thoughts on SNL Podcast, and can be found making wonderful video things at!
  • Saad Khan is a Grand Champion of Trivia Club (along with Brian, Matthew, and Kevin), as part of The Sexy Dumpster Teens ft. Electric Mayhem!
  • Johnny Hollick  co-owns Hashtag Gallery in Toronto (visit them at 801 Dundas St West), and mixes mad tape for the Haus of Whaps.
  • Megan MacKay is a writer for 22 Minutes and is, as per this list, the funniest voter we have, which her YouTube page is ample proof of.
  • Krissy Ross is what I dream about when I close my eyes.
  • Samantha Burmudzija is a comedy lover and sci-fi convention runner currently involved in planning panels and events for GenreCon, and can be found on Twitter at @EnthusiasmGrrl. I will also say that Sam was better at this then anyone else (even me), so EXTRA POINTS for that!
  • Hannah Hepburn Jack can be found on Twitter @hannahhepburn and you can also  check out her weekly posts on CBC Punchline!
  • Sarah Robert is a video editor and videographer, and became part of the Trivia Club Saturday Night Live Fantasy League thanks to nepotism (and a love of comedy), yet is objectively better at it then most. Seriously, watch out for the quiet ones.
  • Kevin Morgan has won TWENTY-ONE Golden VHS tapes at Trivia Club in Toronto, enjoys battled and beating mud covered obstacles and travels more then most people I know. The man is good at what he does.
  • Patrick Dixon is an excellent roommate, and an even better graphic designer (he’s been doing the second one longer though. He runs the must-read, Graphic Nerdity, and is a driving force behind making sure this Comedy 100 is finished before 2016.
  • Laura Muirhead is an advertising genius and all-out BO$$ who is currently situated in Dallas, TX! Being one of the coolest people I know, her work is literally all over the place.
  • Thomas Holzerman didn’t vote, but with out him and his invaluable blog this list wouldn’t be possible. Read, follow, and enjoy TH’s work!
  • And I’m your host Russel Harder!

Those are the voters, and now before we get to those funny folks who didn’t quite crack up the Top 100, a moment of remembrance for a recently departed comic genius. Harris Wittels was lost to the comedy world due to his battle with addiction, but the short-time we had him gave us a truly remarkable comedic voice.

And finally, the rest of the best, who are ranked in decreasing value of points, meaning the first comedian listed was the closest to making the TCC 100:

Rob McElhenney
Glenn Howerton
Seth Rogen – Rob, Glenn, and Seth were all tied, two points off of the 100th spot.
Joel McHale
Bradley Cooper
Adam Pally
Jo Lo Truglio
Riki Lindhome
Kate Micucci
Bob Odenkirk
Tim Minchin
Channing Tatum
Steve Carrell
Deanne Smith
Carrie Brownstein
Marc Maron
Neil Campbell
Ice Cube
Peter Carlone
Iliza Shlesinger
Reggie Watts
Tommy Johnigan
Aisha Tyler
Terry Crews
Eugene Mirman
Jonah Hill
Nick Thune
Timothy Simons
Maria Bamford
Jay Pharoah
Michael Ian Black
Ken Marino
Demetri Martin
Fortune Fiemster
Beck Bennett
Kyle Mooney
Kyle Dooley
Ty Burrell
Nasim Pedrad
Jonathan Banks
Bryan Safi
Robin Williams
Jessica St. Claire
Russell Brand
Dave Bautista
Jennifer Lawrence
Simon Pegg
Joan Rivers – the highest ranking of anyone receiving just one vote, and also the only number one vote (from Robb Oates) not to make the Top 100.
David Letterman
Brianna Templeton
Paul Shaffer
Russell Peters
Jimmy Carr
Alex Borstein
Rose Byrne
Don Hertzfeldt
Doug Benson
Antoine Oliver Pilone
Erin Gibson
Daniel O'Brien
Jon Daly
Anne Dorval
Jerry Purpdrank
James Cordon
Laurie Metcalf
Lennon Parham
Alan Carr
Jack O'Brien
Niecy Nash
Justin Roiland
Molly Shannon
John Dimaggio
Pattie Clare
Soren Bowie
Bryan Cranston
Aaron Paul
Katie Willert
Marlo Meekins
Anna Deavere Smith
Danny McBribe
Steve Little
Zosia Mamet
Jay Onrait
Larry Wilmore
Jason Pargin (David Wong)
Ralph Fiennes
Edie Falco
Brian Huskey
Paul Rust
Jason Sudekis
Dave Shumka
Phil Lord
Graham Clark
Peter Shukoff (Nice Pete)
Chris Miller
Dan Kirkman
Josh Wolf
Lloyd Ahlquist (Epic Lloyd)
Brooks Wheelan
Darren Jones
Kelly Oxford
Kaitlin Olsen
Griffin McElroy
Sarah Colonna
Sam S. Mullins
John Hodgman
Mike Judge
Ellen Degeneres
Colin Quinn
Keenan Thompson
Merritt Wever
John Roberts
Danny DeVito
Lil Dicky
Sophia Vergaro
Scott Mills
Gavin Free
Gwen Phillips
Allie Price
Zach Woods
Zooey Deschanel
Shia Laboeuf
Naomi Snieckus
Elliott Gould
Jon Dore
Chris Stark
Richard Ayoade
Wyatt Cynac
Andy Kindler
David Mitchell
Clark Gregg
Sam Rockwell
Chris Messina
Rhys Darby
Jen Kirkman
Cash Levy
Christopher Walken
Josh Gad
Allen Strickland Williams
Leonardo DiCaprio
Pat Kelly
Brent Morin
Will Weldon
Peter Oldring
Jimmy Kimmel
Samantha Bee
Rachel Dratch
Rob Delaney
Joss Whedon
Dan Van Kirk
Mike Hanford
Chris Evans
Steve Agee
Jillian Bell
Nathan Lane
Stacy McGunnigle
Paget Brewster
Derek Seguin
Allison Janney
Michael Che
Dan Harmon
Steve Coogan
Rory Scovel
Julian McCullough
Woody Allen
Anna Kendrick
Megan MacKay - yes, THAT Megan MacKay.
Michael Cera
Ed Norton
Thomas Middleditch
James Adomain
Matt O'Brien
Parker Posey
Alan Cummings
David Wain
Jeffery Tambor
John Caparulo
Ken Jeong
Natasha Leggero
Maya Rudolph
Alison Brie
Greta Gerwig
Catherine O’Hara
Carrie Preston
Jerrod Carmichael
Ryan Stout
Peter Facinelli
Charles Brooker
Wendi Peters
Rob Brydon
Joan Cusack
Julie White
Melissa Fumero
Elizabeth Banks
Jeremy Allen White
Anthony Jeselnick
Ana Gasteyer
Colin Jost
Tracey Morgan
Todd Barry
Jason Segal
Dan Beirne
Wanda Sykes
Russel Harder – “I’ve always wanted to be funnier then Tom Cruise, but not quite as funny as Diplo.”
Jon Lajorie
Amanda Brooke Perrin
Loni Love
Steve Howey
Emily Heller
Daniel Van Kirk
Sabrina Jalees
Evany Rosen
Sasheer Zamata
Tom Cruise
Anthony Mackie
Jim Carrey
Oscar Isaac
Howard Kremer
Steve Buscemi
Martin Starr
Rebel Wilson
Jon Gabrus
Kenan Thompson
Dave Franco
John Cleese
Anna Chlumsky
Rob Lowe
Natalie Lisinka
Stephen Merchant
Chris Lilley
Zach Galifanakis
Kristian Lisinka
Christina Applegate
Gary Gulman
Telma Hopkins
Taryn Manning
Josh Hutcherson
William H. Macy
Judy Greer
Marc Evan Jackson
Jeff Garlin
Nathan Fillion
Jack Whitehall
Charlie Demers
Jordan Klepper
Joel McKinnon Miller
John Goodman
Gary Cole
Thomas Lennon
Neil Breen
Bobby Knauff
Craig Fay
Emmy Rossum
Megan Mullany
Emma Kenney
Hampton Yount
Donald Glover
Joseph Keckler
Shanola Hampton
Paul Scheer
Noel Fisher
Jeff Dye
Joe Wengert
Betsy Brandt
Erinn Hayes
Mike Lawerence
Gavin Crawford
Anna Farris
Andrew Ivimey
Christopher Evan Welch
Cameron Monaghan
Andy Richter
Craig Ferguson
Dr. Ted Morris
James Gangl
Justin McElroy
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Brookes Wheelan
Rico Rodriquez
Tim Kalpakis
Nick Frost
Justin Timberlake
Randy Sklar
Jason Sklar
Nolan Gould
Seth Morris
Sean Cullen
Ariel Winter
June Diane Raphael
Grahm Chittenden
Sarah Hyland
DJ Demers
Ryan Hansen
Debra Digiovanni
Matt Smith – not Matthew Smith.
Matt Besser
Ed O’Niel
Todd Glass
Mort Burke
Matt Walsh
Christina Walkinshaw
Ellie Kemper
Peter Scolari
Cristin Milioti
Becky Ann Baker
Craig Robinson
Jamie Denbo
Malin Ackerman
Alex Karpovsky
Brian Williams
Octavia Spencer
Vanessa Bayer
Allison Williams
Jimmy Tatro
Bertrand Renald
Mark Mothersbaugh
Jon Hamm
John Slattery
Jordan Gavaris
June Squibb
Arianne Boulin-Prat
Simon Gregson
Kate Ford
Jemima Kirke
Andy Zaltzman
Richard E Grant
Malcom Hebden
Pete Capaldi
Craig Charles
Scott Vrooman
Beth Grant
Zac Efron

We return in TWO DAYS with #100 thru to #76!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY, at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY!

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